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"Die, clankers!"
―Yellow Five

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Yellow Five was the callsign attributed to the fifth pilot of Yellow Squadron...

yellow five was a pilot who fought for many months until dying of ligma once he crashed on the planet bofa, he had to fight many creatures and harsh enviormental issues, he made a base for himself in just weeks, and survived on his own for the first 3 weeks or so, then he met up with a fellow pilot by the name of candice, candice was a trap and was a new pilot, but candice was very smart and knew how to identify the creatures on bofa, after months and possibly years, yellow five assaulted candice becuase he didnt agree with a plan, candice later died of his injurys, yellow five now sad and alone, full of regrets, then continued on and made a makeshift ship out of candice's crashed ship and his as well, but he couldnt make hyperspace travel and when he left the planet bofa, its neighboring planet, khum dan, the leader of that planet then asigned 20,000 pilot troopers to colonize its moon, bofa, making yellow five crash in the process and die of ligma many weeks later, the rest of the yellow squadron then noticed where yellow five crashed and went to investigate where they then found traces of his work and very near to that, khum dan's 20,000 troops that were sent, of those 20,000, only 3000 lived becuase of just how harsh bofa is, they then sneaked around bofa and they found yellow fives camp, but something was wrong, it seemed like he was alive, they continued searching and eventually found him, assualting candice's body in strange ways, they joined a while after... then they left the planet and the 3000 troops on bofa noticed them and tryed to chase them, but the yellow squadron wont go down without a fight and eventually escaped while killing some in the proccess...