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Human (Clone)[1]




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212th Attack Battalion


Clone Wars
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Wyler was a clone stormtrooper who served under the Galactic Empire and Grand Army of the Republic before the transition period. Wyler served under the command of Commander Cody and was killed during a mission on the planet Desix.


Wyler was born in 32 BBY, on the water planet of Kamino, cloned from the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] The trooper was trained and eventually graduated before being conscripted in the Grand Army of the Republic. The trooper was likely assigned to serve under the 212th Attack Battalion during the duration of the Clone Wars, as he served under Commander Cody in his squad.[2]

After the end of the Clone Wars, in 19 BBY, Wyler was deployed to Desix with a squad of clone stormtroopers under the command of Cody in his squad, with special assistance from Clone commando Crosshair, formerly of Clone Force 99. The squad was deployed to rescue the new acting Governor Grotton and his squad, who were sent to establish the Imperial Government on the planet. While en-route to the city, reprogrammed Separatist battle droids shot down the Nu-class attack shuttle Imperial Shuttle 995, which was transporting Cody, Wyler, and the squad. In the crash, the pilots were killed, as were a handful of the unit.[3]

Once reestablishing their position on the ground, Cody and Crosshair led the squad to nearby cover, assessing their enemy's armaments and tactical advances. Crosshair provided covering fire against a reactivated AAT, destroying it by firing a shot down the barrel of the tank, while Cody, Wyler, and the squad had slid down into nearby crops until the tank had been destroyed. When the tank exploded, the squad rushed back onto the bridge and began to advance on the city, taking casualties from the battle droids who had shot down their shuttle in the process. Eventually, the squad destroyed the droid forces at the front of the city and regrouped in the courtyard entrance.[3]

Once regrouped, Cody order the unit to split into two units, with Team One consisting of Cody, Crosshair, Wyler, and Nova taking lead on destroying the Tactical Droid, while Team Two searched for the captured troopers and Governor Grotton. Once advancing into the city, Wyler and Nova ran up a flight of stairs, while Cody and Crosshair discovered a Separatist family, who stayed in their cover, while they continued on their advance. However, shortly thereafter, the team heard a distant noise of droidekas approaching. The droidekas ambushed the squad from behind, coming behind Nova and Wyler. Nova managed to jump over the banister, while Wyler was shot in the chest multiple times, killing him quickly.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

Wyler was born at the height of 1.83 meters, had black hair, and brown eyes.[1] This was standard for the Jango Fett genome type, which the vast majority of the clone troopers adhered to with a few exceptions.

Armor and Equipment[]

Wyler was outfitted with Phase II clone trooper armor with no markings. On the operation to Desix, Wyler was outfitted with a flamethrower, which he never had the opportunity to use before being gunned down by the droidekas.[3]


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