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Wrench was an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando that served during the Clone Wars under the Grand Army of the Republic. Wrench was deployed with numerous other ARCs to the planet of Pengalan IV, left behind once their LAAT/i was shot down.


Wrench was born in 32 BBY, cloned from the genetic template of Jango Fett, on the planet of Kamino. He received training directly from Fett, alongside the rest of the Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commandos.[1] In 22 BBY, he was deployed into the Clone Wars, serving in the Grand Army of the Republic's Special Operations Brigade. In 21.75, Wrench had been deployed to the planet of Pengalan IV, where his LAAT/i was shot down and abandoned by Republic forces. A Republic Accountant named Joram Kithe was present with Wrench and the other troopers once they were shot down, the troopers drew straws to determine the ranking officer, with all of them holding equal rank. In the end, Tooth took command among the rest of them until Kithe awoke from the crash and revealed himself to be a Republic Intelligence Lieutenant, although he relied up Tooth's military experience.[2]

Wrench and the other troopers were extremely prone to operating on protocol, which Kithe found disturbing and tried to encourage the men to develop their own identity, leading to Kithe giving nicknames to the troopers. Wrench gained his nickname because he was the most mechanically skilled among the troopers, the first unique thing about himself that came to his mind when Kithe told him about nicknames.[2] After making their way to a nearby village known as Tur Lokin, and infiltrating a starship bay, Kithe realized that the village was a site for diamond boron missile manufacturing facility. Wrench and the troopers sabotaged the factory with Kithe's aid while Tooth stole a Corellian ship to draw the CIS fighters away from the starship bay, allowing Joram and the remaining troopers to escape. Wrench survived the encounter and would continue operating during the Clone Wars.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

Wrench was born with black hair, brown eyes, and the height of 1.83 meters, all genetic traits inherited from Jango Fett's genome. Wrench was the most skilled with mechanical tasks, as compared to the rest of his Alpha-class ARC trooper brothers that had crashed on Pengalan IV.


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