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FFG Wildfire clone



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Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color:

Black, later white

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104th Battalion


Clone Wars
Rebel Alliance

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Wildfire, designation CT-1701, was a clone trooper who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. After the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Wildfire's allegiance did not change. Instead, he chose to fight against the new regime alongside Tress Hacnua in the Rebel Alliance.


Wildfire was born on Kamino, designated as CT-1701, from the genetic template of infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1] Like all clones, the trooper went under basic training and eventually graduated, and was assigned to the 104th Battalion, under the command of Commander Wolffe.[2]

The trooper fought during the Clone Wars, surviving many battles. Following the initiation of Order 66, the Grand Army of the Republic was redesigned as the Imperial Army, with an entire non-clone personnel force being added on.[3] A majority of the clones in the service of the Empire were released from duty, with Wildfire leaving as well.[4] Upon departing from the Imperial Army, Wildfire joined forces with a cyborg Devaronian named Tress Hacnua, who together, joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, also known as the Rebel Alliance.[2]

During his time with the Rebellion, he worked with a specific team. At some point, Wildfire learned that his commanding officer, Wolffe, was living on Seelos and was an ally of the Alliance. Wildfire volunteered his unit to go to Seelos to retrieve valuable intel from a commandeered AT-AT, which Wolffe, Rex, and Gregor used as their home.[2]

Personality and Traits[]

"You get some! And you get some! Better believe you're getting some, too!"

Wildfire had been a fit trooper during the Clone Wars, similar to a majority of the Grand Army.[1] However, following his dismissal from the Empire, his hair was white and long, which was held in a bun, and he had grown a beard.[2] Similar to Hardcase,[5] Wildfire seemed to be hyperactive.[2]

Armor and Equipment[]

Wildfire retained his armor, which featured a kama and an orange pauldron on his left shoulder,[2] which likely means that he held a high rank in the 104th Battalion, potentially a Captain.[6] During his time in the Empire, he likely possessed standard Stormtrooper armor and the standard E-11 blaster rifle.[7] However, when he was dismissed by the Empire, he dawned his armor once again, alongside his DC-15S blaster carbine, which was standard issue for the Grand Army.[1]


  • Tyrants of Lothal (First appearance)


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