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Wilco's company

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22 BBY




Captain Wilco

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Galactic Empire

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Wilco's company was a clone stormtrooper company that served during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Empire following its conception. The company was led by Captain Wilco and served under the Imperial Army.


The company was likely formed at the beginning of the Clone Wars and served within the Grand Army of the Republic. Following the initiation of Order 66, the unit remained during the transition into the Galactic Empire, becoming a company in the Imperial Army.

In 19 BBY, Wilco's company was tasked with overseeing the export of the war chest of Count Dooku, from his residence of Castle Serenno on the planet with the same name. Wilco overlooked the expedition from a command post established. The unit oversaw three cargo transports exporting the war chest off-planet, with each transport being protected by two Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters. Wilco overlooked the process with a datapad, while his men surveyed the perimeter. While guarding the shipment, rogue clone commando unit Clone Force 99 arrived to plunder the cache for a client. As they began raiding Transport 3, CT-8801 wandered by on patrol. Wrecker stunned the trooper and pulled him into the cargo hold.[1]

When CT-8801 was unresponsive to his duties, one trooper alerted Captain Wilco to the failure to his failure to check in. Wilco set the company on alert and ordered them to locate the trooper. When a squad came too close to the Transport, former Sergeant Hunter detonated an explosive that destroyed two V-wing fighters and caused a distraction. Wilco deployed his men to contain the fire and determine what caused it. While his company assessed the explosion, Wrecker offloaded a chest of valuables and met Hunter in the woods. Meanwhile Transport 3 began to take off, with deserters Echo, Tech, and Omega still inside. The three attempted to make their way to the escape pods before Wilco ordered their destruction. This led to the Bad Batch's decision of jettisoning the cargo containers and causing havoc for the company.[1]

In the pursuing chaos, Hunter and Wrecker attacked the company in an attempt to board the ship. They managed to grab hold of the ship but could not enter, which saw the two rogue troopers to drop down onto the nearest tower. Wilco spotted the two deserters and ordered his men to open fire. The company pursued the two into the castle, eventually making their way into Count Dooku's office. Wrecker and Hunter took cover behind the former Count's desk, discovering his former passageway. The two escaped through the passage, utilizing the smoke that the blaster fire had created. Wilco ordered a ceasefire when the two quit returning fire, discovering their escape. The company continued to track them until they came to a hangar bay, finding a grappling hook, and determining that the two Bad Batch members had escaped down the cliff.[1]

The company made their way down the cliff into the Serennian ruins, continuing to track two of the rogue clone troopers. Meanwhile, other company members were locating the fallen cargo containers and had intercepted an encoded transmission. Wilco continued their pursuit of Hunter and Wrecker, securing the perimeter and creating a radial span around their position, effectively boxing them in. The two deserters came under fire by Wilco's troopers, managing to escape in the process. Hunter and Wrecker stumbled upon three non-functioning AATs, creating a makeshift cannon with one of their smaller cannons and a battery.[2]

With this makeshift cannon, Wrecker opened fire on the troopers, taking out a great deal of them and knocking Wilco off his feet. Hunter and Wrecker escaped, making their way to the eastern ridge and the Havoc Marauder. Meanwhile, CT-3278 and two other troopers were locating the shipment crates, discovering one of them over the cliffside. The troopers also discovered Omega and Echo in the container and opened fire. Tech had tracked the two comrades to the nearby location and managed to take out the small unit and utilize an E-web they had set up to destroy nearby air support. Wrecker and Hunter picked up their squadmates and escaped the planet.[2]

Wilco checked on the wounded and the company made their way back to the castle. Admiral Rampart arrived on the planet to confront Wilco about inaccuracies in his report, believing that the Bad Batch had been terminated in the destruction of Tipoca City on Kamino. Wilco confirmed he made visual contact with two of them stated the unit had to have survived. Rampart acknowledged the captain but stated that he needed to issue a redacted report, removing the Bad Batch from the record. Wilco denied the order and was executed by Rampart for his unwillingness to comply.[2]

Notable Members[]

Armor and Equipment[]

The company was outfitted with standard equipment, mostly Phase II clone trooper armor and DC-15S blaster carbines. Apart from those, the troopers operated BARC speeders, Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters, and E-Web turrets.[2]


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