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"Sir, I will not falsify an official report."

Wilco was a Clone trooper captain that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Following the activation of Contingency Order 66, Wilco served in the Imperial Military, commanding his own company.[4]


Wilco was born in 32 BBY, on the water planet of Kamino, cloned from the genetic template of Jango Fett.[1][2] He received extensive training and eventually graduated and was conscripted into the Grand Army of the Republic. At some point, Wilco managed to achieve the rank of Captain and earn the command of his own company.[5] Following the initiation of Order 66, the captain was obedient and remained during the transition into the Galactic Empire.

In 19 BBY, Wilco and his company were assigned to oversee the transport of former Separatist leader Count Dooku's war chest from his residence on Serenno. During the scheduled exporting, three transports were sent to load the goods and be exported off-world. In the process, Clone Force 99, a rogue clone commando unit that had separated from the Galactic Empire, deployed on a task to steal as much as they could from the war chest for a client.[5] While Wilco was surveying the process from one side of the facility, the commandos made their way into one of the transport ships and began offloading merchandise, stunning CT-8801 in the process.[5] However, Captain Wilco was quickly alerted to an anomaly when CT-8801 did not report back. The company went forth to investigate, which led former Sergeant Hunter to initiating the diversion; destroying two Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters. In response, Wilco deployed his men to contain the fire, leaving the rogue squad to plunder the transport.[5]

The rogue unit split up, with half of them - Echo, Tech, and Omega - being trapped in the transport when it launched. Wrecker had managed to offload a full chest of goods and meeting with Hunter, when Wilco's company was alerted to where the squad was located.[5] Hunter and Wrecker, aware their unit was trapped, ambushed the company and managed to grapple their way on the ship but were unable to board. The two dropped onto a tower, when Wilco noticed and ordered his men to open fire.[5] The two rogue troopers broke into the castle and were pursued by Wilco and his men, trapping them into Count Dooku's office. Behind the desk, Hunter discovered Count Dooku's secret passageway and ordered Wrecker to put the pressure on the doorway, allowing them to fall into the passage. Wilco ordered a ceasefire when the two deserters quit returning fire and investigated the passage.[5] Wilco and his troop managed to track the rogue clones to the tower's hangar bay and discovered they had rappelled down to the Serennian city ruins below the castle. At the same time, Wilco was alerted that Transport 3's cargo had been ejected, which he tasked his men to scatter and search for them.[5]

The company descended into the ruins in pursuit of the deserters. Wilco was alerted that a majority of the containers had been located and that an encoded transmission had been intercepted, giving the captain the confirmation of his hypothesis; that the remaining Bad Batch members had survived the crash.[3] Wilco ordered the squads to divide and continue searching for the remaining containers, believing that the rest of the rogue troopers would be positioned nearby. Soon thereafter, a second trooper informed his captain that the perimeter was clear. Wilco processed the information and deployed his men in a radial sweep to box Hunter and Wrecker in the canyon. The company engaged the deserters, who briefly escaped to investigate some rundown AATs. Wilco called air support for his company at this point. Hunter, in an attempt to distract once again, tossed a smoke grenade into the fray, provided he and Wrecker cover as Wrecker created a makeshift cannon from an abandoned AAT's gun and battery.[3] Wrecker manned the cannon, opening fire on the company, which caused the unit to retreat and scatter. When air support arrived, Wrecker blew the V-wings out of the sky. In their retreat, Wrecker and Hunter took out the squad and knocking Wilco off his feet.[3]

In a regrouping effort, Wilco conferred with his men and checked in on the wounded, removing his helmet in the process. When another squad, with the intelligence that the intruders had retreated to the eastern ridge, with Wilco ordering that air support being rerouted to that location.[3] Despite Wilco's orders, Clone Force 99 escaped Imperial custody and the planet of Serenno. When Admiral Rampart arrived on planet for a report of the events that had occurred, Wilco reported that the company had recovered 85% of the transport's cargo. However, Rampart stated that the reason for his arrival was not to check on the status of the cargo but to discuss inaccuracies in Wilco's report.[3] Wilco, puzzled, inquired about the inaccuracies, which Rampart informed him that Clone Force 99 was KIA on Kamino, during the destruction of Tipoca City.[3] Wilco recanted the superior, stating that he had made visual confirmation with two of the squad. Rampart dryly replied that the captain would have to re-write his report, to cover his own misreporting. As Rampart walked away, Wilco stated that he would not forge an official report. Rampart drew his weapon, allowing Wilco to turn around and attempt for the weapon. However, Rampart fired, killing Wilco, sending his body over the edge of the nearby cliff.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

Wilco was an obedient trooper, leading his men with the most intentionality and best operational knowledge he possessed. However, during the skirmish with the Bad Batch, the objectives of capturing the rogue troopers and securing the cargo containers did not stop him from checking in on the wounded men of his unit.[3] With his operational knowledge, Wilco managed to balance each task and reroute the solution when needed.[5][3] When faced with the unofficial orders of falsifying a report to the Empire, Wilco was loyal to the Empire rather than his status, unlike Rampart, who officiated his demise.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

Wilco was outfitted with Phase II clone trooper armor and a pauldron. However, despite his rank, his armor was unmarked by colors or designations, with his pauldron only having a grey color.[5] The Captain was also armed with a DC-15S blaster carbine.


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