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Waxer's platoon
TCW Waxer platoon stops firing




Notable member(s):

Unidentified 212th Attack Battalion Trooper (Umbara)[1]



Unit(s) within:

Clone troopers[1]


Mortar, DC-15S blaster carbine[1]


Clone Wars[1]


Waxer's platoon was a platoon of Clone troopers under the command of Waxer during the Battle of Umbara.

History Edit

During the Battle of Umbara, Waxer was informed by General Pong Krell that Umbaran forces had ambushed a Clone trooper squad and were stealing their armor and weapons. Waxer then took this platoon to intercept the "disguised" Umbarans. Krell also gave the same information to the 501st Legion, led by Captain Rex. The resulting battle resulted in heavy casualties for both the platoon and the enemy who were revealed to actually be the 501st. Waxer was fatally injured, and informed Rex of what Krell had told him, before dying of his wounds. The surviving platoon members later joined Rex into arresting General Krell. [1]


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References Edit

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