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Vevut Squad
Sergeant Dec

Unit type:

Special forces


Clone commandos

Notable battles:

Nerrif Station


Clone Wars

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Vevut Squad was a clone commando squad that served within the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The squad served within the Special Operations Brigade, under the command of Jedi Generals Etain Tur-Mukan and Bardan Jusik.[1][2]


Vevut Squad was a squad of clone commandos that were created and trained on the planet of Kamino. Vevut Squad was one of squad of four, a smaller detachment of the Grand Army of the Republic and a member of their Special Operations Brigade. Vevut Squad was trained by a Mandalorian training sergeant, Rav Bralor, a member of the Cuy'val Dar. The squad was led by Sergeant Dec. The squad endured through intense physiological and psychological training exercises, including the Sickener and the Killing House.[3][4] In 22 BBY, Vevut Squad was deployed at the First Battle of Geonosis and would continue throughout the war.

In 21 BBY, Vevut Squad was deployed in the war, under the command of Jedi General Bardan Jusik. Before he resigned his post, Jusik would visit them in the field. Once Jusik resigned, Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan was given his command and his responsibilites. In 19 BBY, Vevut Squad was stationed upon Nerrif Station waiting for reassignment. During this brief time on the station, Dec redirected Tur-Mukan to the mess hall, as she needed to keep her strength up. Tur-Mukan believed that Vevut Squad acted like sons attempting to please their mother, likely from their training with Bralor.[2]


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