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"Die, clankers!"
―Vertigo Corps

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523rd Vertigo Corps
Vertigo Corps Trooper
A member of 523rd


CT 523-88 (Captain Aurora )

Notable members:

CT 523-72 (Cyclone)
CT 523-70 (Marker)
CT 523-51 (Eclipse)
CT 523-42 (Skyfire)
CT 523-33 (Shadow)


Clone troopers


DC-15A blaster rifle
DC-15S blaster carbine
Custom phase one armor
Built-in blasters, missiles & space suit
Plasma cutter


Clone Wars


The Secret Airborne Vertigo Corps was a highly specialized and elite unit of clones that served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Created for carrying out high-risk airborne and space missions, the Airborne Corps was renowned for its advanced combat tactics, zero-gravity maneuvers, and specialized weaponry.


The clones that were selected for this squad underwent intense training in order to become masters of their craft. They were equipped with custom flight armor, which was a deviation of the classic phase one clone trooper armor. This specialized armor was designed specifically for airborne missions, and its sleek and aerodynamic design allowed for greater maneuverability in the air and outer space. The armor was also equipped with built-in weaponry, including blasters, plasma cutter and missile launchers, as well as a specialized space suit for occasional space operations.

They were known for their highly skilled pilots and ability to operate in zero-gravity environments. These clones were trained to be proficient in aerial dogfighting, airborne/space infiltration, and close air support. They were also highly skilled in zero-gravity maneuvers, which allowed them to navigate through space with ease for long periods of time.

Despite their advanced training and equipment, the Vertigo Corps disappeared during a covert operation not long after the Clone Wars began. The details of their disappearance are shrouded in mystery, but many believe that the unit was lost during a mission in deep space.

Some have speculated that they may have been captured or betrayed by a rogue faction within the Republic or the Separatists. Others have suggested that they may have been destroyed by an unknown enemy, or that they may have encountered a deadly virus or other hazard during their mission.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding their fate, the Secret Airborne Corps remains a legendary unit, their specialized training and equipment paved the way for future generations of clone troopers, who continued to carry out the Republic's missions with honor and distinction.

While the creation of this group was controversial among some military strategists, many argued that its specialized capabilities were necessary in order for the Republic to achieve victory in the Clone Wars. Today, the Secret Airborne Corps serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the clones who fought in the Clone Wars, and their legacy continues to inspire future generations of soldiers and warriors.


  • Captain Aurora / CT 523-88, (The leader of the Secret Airborne Corps, Captain Aurora is a skilled tactician with years of experience. Her custom flight armor features a heavy white and gold color scheme, and is equipped with advanced sensors and communications equipment.)
  • Cyclone / CT 523-72, (A trooper with a talent for aerial combat, Cyclone is the team's dogfighting specialist. His custom flight armor features a black and red color scheme, a shark mouth helmet design and is equipped with advanced thrusters and targeting systems.)
  • Marker / CT 523-70, (A trooper with a talent for infiltration and sabotage, Marker is the team's covert operations specialist. His custom flight armor features a sleek black color scheme with asymmetrical lines as a helmet decal and is equipped with advanced sensors and cloaking technology.)
  • Eclipse / CT 523-51, (A trooper with a talent for sniping and long-range combat, Eclipse is the team's designated marksman. His custom flight armor features a dark blue color scheme, and is equipped with advanced targeting systems and a high-powered sniper rifle. His helmet's paint resembles a solar eclipse.)
  • Skyfire / CT 523-42, (A trooper with a talent for explosives and demolition, Skyfire is the team's heavy weapons specialist. His custom flight armor features a bright amber color scheme, and is equipped with a variety of explosives and detonators. He is most recognizable thanks to the female bomber decal on his armor.)
  • Shadow / CT 523-33, (A trooper with a talent for stealth and reconnaissance, Shadow is the team's scout and pathfinder. His custom flight armor features a sleek black and white color scheme, and is equipped with advanced sensors and cloaking technology to make him virtually invisible in low-light environments. His helmet features a masquerade/jester face design.)


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- It is currently unknown whether the group survived but it is heavily hinted at, although dated, their armor will be technologically comparable to current-gen troopers.

- "Never look down troopers, cause we own the sky.'' = Quote from Cpt Aurora during Operation Whitewall.