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c. 32 BBY[2]


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

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Black[1] (shaved)

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Excelsior Company


Clone Wars

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Vargus was a clone trooper commander that served in the Grand Army of the Republic.


Vargus, like all the Jango Fett clones, was apart of the Grand Army of the Republic. He was the leader of a Company known as Excelsior Company.[3] The commander was tasked with leading his veteran and rookie members on a mission to Ando Prime. He had nicknamed several of the rookies in his company. The commander and his company were met by Falco, the company's ARF trooper on the planet of Ando Prime.[3] He sent rookies 18, 57, and 44 along with Falco to find the location of the 313th Legion. Vargus and the remaining troopers stayed with the transport until 18 reported that Falco had not reported in for over an hour.[3]

Vargus brought the rest of his company, when he saw 18, 44, and 57 being attacked by a Wampa, a creature from the planet Hoth.[3] The 18 and 57 were able to jump out of the way of the Wampa, but 44, who Vargus would nickname Slug, was to slow and was grabbed by the Wampa. Vargus began to fire his weapon at the creature, causing it to drop Slug and attack Vargus. The creature would severely injure Vargus, but would be driven away after Dom set a sonic charge, which caused the creature to retreat in pain.[3] Vargus would be injured. While 18 and a few more troopers went to the transport to find a way to transport Vargus back to the ship, 57 stayed to tend to Vargus' wounds. Vargus would nickname 57 Patch, as he "patched" up the commander.[3] Vargus was injured severely so, he gave command to 18, who would complete the mission.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

"Rookies. Just great. Guess every other trooper is out somewhere doing the Republic's dirtywork."

Vargus, like all Fett clones, was 1.83 meters tall and had brown eyes. However, the commander preferred a shaved head and bore a scar across the bridge of his nose.[3] His armor orange and possessed a grey command sash. The commander disliked training rookies but seemed proud of them after they completed their assignment.


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