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V formation was a formation used by clone trooper infantry.


V formation was a formation used within the Grand Army of the Republic to train clone troopers how to work together in a formation shaping a V. The cadets of Domino and Bravo Squads used the tactic, despite Domino's failed attempts at working together.[1]


In 22 BBY, the formation was used by bounty hunter instructors Bric and El-les to train Clone trooper cadets. They trained at least four squads, using this tactic.[2] The cadets of Bravo Squad mastered working with the V formation, which is, in part, why they managed to work so well together. Domino Squad, however, had an issue while using this tactic. After some reevaluation, Domino managed to come together as a unit and use the V formation.[1] It is unknown how well the other two squads performed using the tactic.


  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Clone Cadets"
  • The Clone Wars: Defenders of the Republic


  • The Clone Wars: Defenders of the Republic


22 BBY
Training Clone Cadets on Kamino


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