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Unidentified clone trooper
Vassek trooper 1

Home world:



c. 32 BBY[2]


22 BBY


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Hair color:


Eye color:



Fil's squad


Clone Wars

"Smell that?
Doesn't smell like droids to me
Fil and the trooper
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This trooper served in the Grand Army of the Republic.


He was assigned to serve under Jedi General Nahdar Vebb and Commander Fil in their unit.[3] The unit were assigned a mission to the third moon of Vassek to track Nute Gunray, one of the Separatist leaders who had escaped Republic custody. They were met by Jedi General Kit Fisto, who was Vebb's Jedi Master.[3] Before entering the place that Gunray was allegedly hiding at, Fil assigned Niner and Bel to guard the ships, while the remaining forces and Jedi entered the lair.[3]

The trooper and his squadmates, alongside the Jedi, entered the lair. Upon entering, the trooper discovered an odd smell that he described "doesn't smell like droids".[3] The trooper and the squad discovered a squad of battle droids that had seemed to be guarding Gunray. They dispatched the droids with ease and no casualties but discovered the it was not Gunray, but a hologram of him.[3] After being duped, Fil, Fisto, Vebb and the squad explored further into the base and discovered that it was the lair of General Grievous.[3] They set an ambush for him upon Grievous' return. After attempting the ambush, the trooper's comrades were killed.

After the loss of his comrades, Fil ordered Bel and Niner to power up the long-range communicator aboard the Nu-class attack shuttle.[3] Upon entering, the two would be killed by an explosion caused by a rocket launcher. The trooper, Fil and the Jedi would explore the lair further trying to find an alternate route out. During which the floor dropped out from underneath the clones. Fil had reacted fast enough and grabbed his ascension cable and his DC-17 hand blaster to pull himself to safety. The trooper, however, let go of his rifle, causing him to fall into a carbonite pit. He was seen falling in the pit and dying. [3]

After his death, Fil and Vebb would both be killed. Fisto would escape to his ship and survive.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

"Well that was something!"
―the trooper upon hearing Gor's roar

The trooper, like all Jango Fett clones, was 1.83 meters tall and was born on Kamino.[1] The trooper also had a good sense of smell.[3] The trooper also exhibited good humor as he made a joking comment of Fil's assessment which was wrong.[3] The trooper wore Phase 1 Armor and had Red-ish Brown markings on his armor and helmet.[3]


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