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Unidentified clone trooper
Unidentified clone trooper (Rylorii Minor)

Home world:



c. 32 BBY[2]


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 Meters[1]

Hair color:

Bald (Shaved)

Eye color:



Rylorii Minor Squad


Clone Wars

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This unidentified clone trooper was a clone trooper that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He served alongside Lieutenant Jumpy on an escort mission to Rylorii Minor, protecting a senator during her negotiations with Mayor Lup.[3]


The trooper was a clone trooper born on the waterworld of Kamino in the year 32 BBY.[1][2] The trooper was assigned to serve within the Grand Army of the Republic, specifically alongside Lieutenant Jumpy.[3]

Between 20 and 19 BBY, the trooper was tasked with escorting a Senator to the planet of Rylorii Minor alongside clone trooper lieutenant Jumpy and CT2.[3] While escorting the senator in a meeting with Mayor Lup, a representative of the town, an assassin attempted to kill Lup and his aide. The threat was thwarted by Jumpy, as CT2 and the trooper defended the senator.[3] Following the initial threat being resolved, the squad followed the senator, mayor, and his aide to another location to discuss the proper terms of negotiation. While waiting outside, CT2, Jumpy, and their squadmate spoke about the situation, when the mayor's aide brought out beverages for the three troopers.[3]

However, in the middle of their conversation, the unit was ambushed, which resulted in CT2 and the trooper being knocked down, kidnapping the aide in the process. Jumpy pursued the kidnapper, leaving the others to fight off the assailants.[3] When Jumpy returned with the aide, CT2 and the trooper managed to tie up the assassins.[3] Once the assailants were imprisoned, the troopers and senator left the planet, with Jumpy and CT2 operating the controls of the LAAT/i.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

The trooper was born in 32 BBY with black hair and brown eyes, as was standard for the Jango Fett genome type.[2][1] The trooper had shaved part of his head.[3] The trooper was much more relaxed than his counterpart Jumpy. However, when danger arrived, he defended his objective.

Armor and Equipment[]

The trooper was outfitted with Phase II clone trooper armor with lime green markings on the armor and helmet. The troopers were equipped with DC-17 hand blasters, seeing as the mission was a simple defensive operation.[3] CT2 was also capable of operating a LAAT/i.[3] He was also likely capable of operating a BARC speeder as several were present outside the private meeting location.[3]


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