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Rex relationship
"The name's Rex, but you'll call me captain, or sir."

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"Ya still hungry?"

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Imperial Clone Trooper 1

This Unidentified Clone trooper served in the ranks of the Galactic Empire in the months following the end of the Clone Wars. He was present for a ceremony in which this clone alongside Mas Amedda and several Red Guards publicly destroyed numerous lightsabers. Originally serving in the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic during the outbreak of the Clone Wars, this clone trooper served as one of many soldiers fighting against the droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems until the execution of Order 66 and the formation of the Galactic Empire. Following these events, this clone joined the newly formed Galactic Empire and served in its military. Around this time, this clone was chosen to escort and protect Mas Amedda during a public ceremony, in which this clone also worked to help destroy all of the captured Jedi lightsabers from the remains of the Jedi Temple.