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"The name's Rex, but you'll call me captain, or sir."

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Unidentified clone commando
White Squad Sniper

Home world:



c. 32 BBY[2]


22 BBY


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Hair color:


Eye color:





White Squad


Clone Wars

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This commando served under the Grand Army of the Republic. His first squad, like many of the clone commandos' were killed on the Battle of Geonosis.[3] The commando was reassigned to serve in White Squad under RC-1013 "Sarge"'s command.[4] The squad was deployed on their first mission to Ord Mantell with another squad of commandos, known as Blue Squad. The two squads were tasked with reacquiring a package that was intercepted by Trandoshan mercenaries.[4] During the assignment, Blue Squad was eliminated almost immediately. The squad were scouting the position of the mercs when Blue Squad were killed. The squad split off to locate them. The squad's pilot opened a door, to find the Trandoshans and several battle droids. He was met with a barrage of blaster fire.[4] The three remaining members dispatched the droids with ease, while the Trandoshans took cover. A merc stood up and shot the squads Weapons Specialist, killing him. He would be avenged as Sarge threw a grenade and killed two of the three remaining mercs. As the commando and Sarge turned to leave, the remaining Trandoshan fired a mini-rocket at the commando's pack, causing it to explode, and in turn, killing it's owner.[4] The commando would be avenged by Sarge as he killed the final merc and returned the package to the Chancellor.


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