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Unidentified Clone Cadet Squad
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Clone Cadet


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Clone Wars

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 This unidentified squad of cadets was seen with Domino Squad and the record setting Bravo Squad. This squad had orange coloration on their shoulder bells.


In 22 BBY, the squad of cadets were stationed on Kamino, training to become official clone troopers. The cadets were called for evaluation by Training Sergeant Bric, where they would meet three of four of Rancor Battalion's Advanced Recon Commando commanders - Colt, Havoc and Blitz (the fourth being Hammer)[1] - who would give them all evaluation.[2]

Bravo Squad was selected to go first in the trials. They performed the Citadel Challenge gracefully and with finesse. However, following them, Domino Squad took the field, performing horrendously; disobeying orders, breaking formation and leaving a man behind in the field. This caused Colt to lecture them on their mistakes.[2]

It is unknown how well the Orange Unit and the Yellow Unit performed. However, they most likely graduated, as Domino Squad was the worst of the cadet's units and they did graduate.


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22 BBY
Evaluation of Clone Cadets
Clone Cadet Graduation and Deployment


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