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Unidentified Shadow Squadron gunner
Unidentified Shadow Squadron gunner

Home world:



c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color:


Eye color:



Shadow Squadron


Clone Wars


This clone trooper pilot was an elite pilot in Shadow Squadron during the Clone Wars. He fought in the Battle of Kaliida Shoals in his BTL-B Y-wing starfighter.

Personality and Traits Edit

The gunner possessed the traits of Jango Fett, including the height of 1.83 meters, black hair and brown eyes.[1][2] The trooper seemed shocked by the Neebray mantas, once they entered the Kaliida Nebula.[3] He seemed especially shocked when his astromech, R2-J8,'s dome was knocked off when a manta brushed the Y-wing.[3]

Armor and Equipment Edit

The pilot possessed Phase I armor, customized with Shadow Squadron's brown markings. His helmet possessed a breathing apparatus. He also most likely owned a DC-17 hand blaster. He flew in the Y-wing, alongside a pilot. He used the guns on the backside.[3]

Appearances Edit

  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Shadow of Malevolence"

Timeline Edit

22 BBY
Battle near the Kadiila Nebula

References Edit

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