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Open Circle Fleet naval officer
79s Tattooed Officer

Home world:



c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color:


Eye color:





Naval officer


Republic Navy

  • Open Circle Fleet


Clone Wars

"It's your credit pal! You're paying for this! Hahaha!"
―The corporal to Jay Igno
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The naval officer was a clone trooper corporal in the Grand Army of the Republic.


"Corporal, that's a nice hat you got there. Ya mind if I see it?"
"Uh, sure. Yeah. Sure ya got it.
―Fives and the Corporal

The trooper was born on Kamino in 32 BBY. After he graduated from training, he was assigned to work as a naval officer corporal for the Open Circle Fleet. After a victory, the Open Circle Fleet returned to Coruscant, the Republic's home planet. The officer and several of his companions went to the Clone Bar, also known as 79's.[1] The trooper and three of his compatriots were carousing outside the bar, when a taxi dropped off Fives. The drunk troopers laughed at the taxi driver, when Fives stated that he should "bill it to the Republic".[1] The clones harassed the taxi driver, even throwing bottles at his taxi, when he drove away. When the group were entering the bar again, Fives asked if he could see the corporal's hat, so he could cover up his signifying tattoo. The drunk trooper was more than willing.[1] When they re-entered the bar, the two parted ways and the corporal went to have another round of shots.[1]

Uniform and Appearance[]

"To the 212th!"
―The corporal

The corporal wore the standard clone naval officer uniform, along with Open Circle Fleet emblem on his arm. The trooper also bore a tattoo across his face.[1]


"I think it's time for another round. Hey! Bartender!"
―The corporal

The trooper was drunk and clearly was not in control of his faculties, but he was happy to make fun of non-clones and drink as many beverages as possible.[1] He was also happy to support his brothers in battle, such as the 212th Attack Battalion.


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