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Clone trooper

Home world:



c. 32 BBY[2]


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

Hair color:


Eye color:



501st Legion[3]


Clone Wars[3]

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An unidentified clone trooper from the 501st Legion participated in the Battle of Ringo Vinda in 19 BBY.[4] He operated an E-web repeating blaster.[3]


In 19 BBY,[4] the 501st Legion and another unit of clone troopers were sent to battle Separatist forces aboard the space station surrounding Ringo Vinda. Under the leadership of Jedi generals Anakin Skywalker, Tiplar and Tiplee, they pushed forward through many hallways, battling BX-series commando droids and droidekas along the way.[3]

Finally, the 501st and the Doom's unit met up in a communications room they conquered. After discussing the battle plan with each other, they decided to make a final push to take the Separatist command center, which was under the command of Admiral Trench. Tiplar and Tiplee would push through the sides, while the 501st would strike through the middle. They began the assault, and they surprised the droid forces, making it to the command center.[3]

However, amidst the heat of the battle, a clone trooper named Tup from the 501st Legion approached general Tiplar, and shot her in the head. General Tiplee immediately ran over to her dead sister. With two generals down, and incoming Separatist reinforcements, the clone forces were weakened, and retreated back to the communications center; their efforts wasted.[3]

As they moved back, battle droids continued to follow them throughout the hallways. This unidentified trooper set an E-web repeating blaster turret he operated on auto-fire. It aimed and blasted droids without need of a clone trooper to man it, and the Republic forces closed and sealed the doors. They left the E-web outside to deal with the remaining droids.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

This trooper had Phase II clone trooper armor with the familiar blue markings of the 501st Legion. He was equipped with a DC-15S blaster. [3]


  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "The Unknown"



19 BBY[4]
Battle of Ringo Vinda[3]


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