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Triage Code X, also known as Triage X, was a code used by clone medics and medical droids during the Clone Wars.


Triage Code X was a medical code measurement used during the Clone Wars, by medical droids and clone trooper medics. When a trooper was too severely injured, the on-hand medical professional marked them with a red X symbol on their shoulder. This would indicate that the trooper was not expected to survive despite intervention.


In 21 BBY, the units of Sarlacc Battalion A and Sarlacc Battalion B were caught behind enemy lines and required extraction from Dinlo.[1] As Commander Gree was deployed with the Sarlacc Battalions, Commander Gett was deployed in charge of the 41st Elite Corps. Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan was assigned as the leader of the 41st, leading the extraction to evacuate Jedi General Vaas Ga, Gree, and both Sarlacc Battalions.[1] Upon arrival, the 41st covered while the Battalions boarded the Republic's vessels, which led to the 41st taking on a few casualties.[1]

After retreating from the planet, Tur-Mukan noticed an injured trooper, named Fi, and called for a medic to assist. A medical droid came to her and stated that he had been marked with Triage Code X, and informed her that he was not likely to survive despite intervention.[1] Tur-Mukan remained with Fi until he passed.[1]


  • Republic Commando: Triple Zero


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