Theta Squadron was a clone commando squadron that served in the Grand Army of the Republic. The commandos were sent on a mission to protect and capture director Lorca Oviedo. [3] Theta was sent in after their ship was shot down. After the squadron crash-landed, they're casualties were high, losing 10 commandos and the pilot. The squadron made a rush to escape with Oviedo on his ship. While retreating, the squad's troops and captain were killed, while RC-1080 was severely injured. The squad's sergeant, Zag, 1080 and the director made it aboard the shuttle. 1080 died due to injuries sustained and the Oviedo died due to "unknown reasons".[3] Zag would be reassigned to Aiwha Squad.[4]

Notable MembersEdit

Theta Squadron Navigation:
CaptainZagCommando 1Commando 2
Commando 3Commando 4RC-1080


  • "Honor Bound" - Star Wars Tales 22
21 BBY
Mission to Asturias


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