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Theta Squad


Sergeant Kal Skirata (training)
Sergeant Taler

Notable members:



Clone commandos


Katarn-class armor
DC-17m blasters

Notable battles:


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Theta Squad was a squad of clone commandos and served in the Galactic Army of the Republic. The squad was trained by Kal Skirata and went through vigorous training. The squad performed their first mission on Geonosis. Their assignment was to destroy a Separatist Core ship. The squad had a member hang back on an E-Web turret, while the remaining three went onward. The three members of the squad were killed and the remaining member, Darman, was reassigned to Omega Squad, as were members of squads that had suffered the same fate.[1][2]



The unit was formed in 32 BBY, once the clones were born. Theta Squad was trained by Kal Skirata, a member of the Cuy'val Dar. The commandos went through rigorous training, managing to survive in live fire exercises in the Killing House and others.[2]

First Battle of Geonosis[]

In 22 BBY, Theta Squad was first deployed, without even waking their instructor and father-figure,[3] to the First Battle of Geonosis.[1][2] Theta Squad was sent on a mission to destroy a Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship.[1] While moving out, they entered the catacombs, where they fought through several Geonosian warriors. However, Darman was held back, per orders, and lost contact with his squad. The remainder of Theta Squad - Taler, Vin and Jay - all perished as they entered the foundry.[2] Delta Squad was then re-routed to take their objective.[1]


Theta Squad's deaths hit Darman hard, as he mourned them nearly every day.[2] At one point, a three year anniversary, Darman remembered his brothers deaths and mourned again.[4] Theta's deaths also hit Skirata hard, never being able to say goodbye. He memorized their names, alongside several other commandos' names, in a Mandalorian tradition, where the fallen's named were uttered until the one who memorized it, died.[4]

Armor and Equipment[]

Theta Squad possessed standard clone commando equipment, Katarn-class armor and DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems. They were equipped with a HUD and a DC-15S sidearm.[1] Darman also possessed several heavy weapons, including a bowcaster.[2]


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Taler Vin Jay Darman


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22 BBY
First Battle of Geonosis


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