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The Muunilinst 10

Unit type:

Special forces infantry



Notable members:

ARC Lieutenant 1
ARC Lieutenant 2
ARC Lieutenant 3
ARC Lieutenant 4
ARC Lieutenant 5
ARC Lieutenant 6
ARC Lieutenant 7
ARC heavy gunner


ARC troopers
Clone troopers


Specialized LAAT/i
DC-15A blaster rifles

Notable battles:



Clone Wars

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The Muunilinst 10 was a Advanced Recon Commando unit that served in the Grand Army of the Republic.



The unit was assembled for an operation on the planet of Muunilinst. Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi gave the unit a briefing before the landing of the unit.[1] The group were sent in, aboard a specialized LAAT/i to destroy a heavy turret. Upon arriving in the city, a battle droid fired a missile and shot the ship down.[2] The unit survived the crash landing, save for the pilots. The unit disembarked from the gunship, only to be met with sniper fire, which killed CT-43/002.[2] The unit were able to locate the droids and fire a rocket into the location. The 10 moved on after eliminating the droids. The rest of them were attacked by droid tank, which one of the unit's Lieutenants dispatched immediately.[2]


Grievous kills 4 LT

Grievous' kills four Lieutenants of the 10

The unit were sent to Hypori to rescue the Jedi Masters that were deployed there.[3] When the unit arrived, they found Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi fighting droid General Grievous. Fordo sent two of his Lieutenants to check on lifeforms they had found.[3] The remaining members fought off the droid general, while their pilot held off the droids outside of the compound. Grievous came out of the smoke the unit's fire had caused and killed four of the Lieutenants.[3] The pilot brought the gunship down and opened fire on Grievous. While the pilot fired upon the general, Fordo forced Mundi into the ship and evacuated.[3] Upon returning to Coruscant, the Chancellor bestowed Fordo with a medal of honor. Fordo declined and told him to bestow it upon his fallen brother, CT-43/002.[4]


The 10 defended Coruscant when Grievous and Count Dooku attacked and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine. Fordo covered the ground forces, alongside Jedi Masters Yoda and Mace Windu. The Republic would win the battle and save the Chancellor.[5]


Fordo2Icon ARCLieutenantIcon ARCLieutenantIcon ARCLieutenantIcon CloneTrooperIcon CloneTrooperIcon CloneTrooperIcon CloneTrooperIcon
Fordo ARC ARC ARC Able-472 CT-43/002 Trooper Trooper
CloneTrooperIcon CloneTrooperIcon CloneTrooperIcon ARCLieutenantIcon UnidentifiedARCIcon ARCLieutenantIcon ARCGunnerIcon ARCPilotIcon
Trooper Trooper Trooper ARC LT. ARC LT. Stec Heavy Gunner Pilot


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