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Teroch Squad


Sergeant Kal Skirata

Notable members:



Clone commandos


Katarn-class armor
DC-17m blasters


Grand Army of the Republic

Notable battles:

First Battle of Geonosis


Clone Wars

Teroch Squad was a squad of clone commandos that served in the Grand Army of the Republic at the beginning of the Clone Wars. However, following the First Battle of Geonosis, three of the squads members were killed, with the remaining survivor, Fi, being reassigned to serve in Omega Squad.


Teroch Squad was created shortly after the clone troopers were commissioned in 32 BBY. Teroch Squad was comprised on four clone commandos, who received training from Cuy'val Dar Training Sergeant Kal Skirata. The squad underwent rigorous training; deprivation of food and sleep, psychological training, and intense physiological training. As all commando squads participated, Teroch was forced to go through the Killing House and the Sickener, both facilities designed to test the limits of the commandos.[1][2] In 22 BBY, Teroch Squad was deployed to the beginning of the Clone Wars, which took place at the First Battle of Geonosis, rescuing Jedi Generals from a Geonosian arena.[1][3] During the battle, Teroch Squad were all killed, except for sniper and medic Fi, who would later be reassigned to Omega Squad with other survivors.[1][4] Fi had been present when the others were killed, as he mentioned to Niner upon meeting him, still in mourning, a pain he eventually moved on from.[1][5]

Armor and Equipment[]

The squad were outfitted with standard operating equipment, including Katarn-class commando armor and the DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System.[1] The squad was likely also equipped with the DC-15s side arm blaster.[6]


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