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Tech with goggles

Home world:



c. 32 BBY[2]


Human (clone)[1]




1.93 meters[1]

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Eye color:





Clone Force 99


Clone Wars

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Tech, or CT-9902,[3] was a clone commando part of Clone Force 99 and had genetic modifications. The commando served in the Grand Army of the Republic, via the Special Operations Brigade. Tech, unlike a majority of the GAR, was one of a select amount of clones that were experimented on by Kaminoan Scientists, which gave him preferable mutations. Tech was known for his intellect and skills with technology.


Tech was born in 32 BBY on the water planet of Kamino,[4] cloned from the genetic template of Jango Fett.[5] However, unlike most clones, Tech and a few others possessed malformities of the Fett genome, the product of an experiment run by Kaminoan Chief Scientist Nala Se.[6] Because of these malformities, it gave Tech a much younger appearance than most troopers.[7] He also had developed a higher than average intellect and was very capable with technology. Eventually, despite the objections from Kaminoans, Tech was trained and deployed in the Clone Wars, under the unit known as Clone Force 99, named after the malformed clone of the same name.[7] Tech acted as the unit's intelligence officer and technician, being able to access as much information as he could, being considered a master at it.[7]

In 19 BBY, the squad was deployed to the planet of Yalbec Prime, where the squad would be sent to quell an insurrection on the planet. During their mission, they were called to the planet of Anaxes to assist in a special operation there. Before being able to leave Yalbec Prime, however, Wrecker, the squad's brute and demolitions expert, cut the stinger off the Yalbec's queen, which led them to retreat to keep the local Yalbecs from mating with them.[7] Eventually, Tech and the squad made it to Anaxes, landing very quickly and causing havoc almost instantly. Tech and the squad would be briefed on the objective and soon thereafter take off toward it, alongside Marshal Commander Cody, Captain Rex, Advanced Recon Commando Jesse, and Medic Kix. However, en-route to their objective, they were shot down by Separatist forces, resulting in the death of their pilots and Cody being rendered unconscious. Once they got Cody clear, Clone Force 99 attacked the oncoming droid forces using the Shockwave tactic, as Rex and Jesse covered Kix while he assisted Cody.[7]

Once they held up for the night, Tech and the Bad Batch got into a scuffle with Jesse and Kix, with Rex and Sergeant Hunter breaking it up.[7] Tech and the others would then devise a plan to go after their objective, with Kix remaining back with Cody. The makeshift unit, consisting of Tech, Hunter, Wrecker, Rex, Jesse, and the Bad Batch's sniper Crosshair carried on to reap information from their objective, which was a cyber center. While Rex and Tech managed to enter the center and begin the hack, the rest of the team covered them in the meantime.[7] Tech cracked into the code that the Separatists were using to win the battles on the planet and there was an audio file repeating the same thing over and over, which was a clone trooper's designation. Rex would later reveal that it was the former ARC trooper Echo, who had been previously listed as KIA.[7] Once returning to Fort Anaxes, the unit waited for further orders, with Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Rex rejoining the team to go the planet of Skako Minor. The team, once reaching the planet, came into contact with a bat-like creature, which began attacking the Bad Batch's ship, the Havoc Marauder, which led to the ship landing and then attacking the creature.[8] The creature managed to snatch Skywalker and take him into a nearby village, with Hunter attaching himself to the creature until he reached the crest of the village. The rest of the unit arrived and quickly disarmed the local villagers, without bloodshed. The local villagers, the Poletecs, spoke a primitive dialect. However, Tech was able to translate the language with the assistance of his special visor, even translating basic into the language to communicate the message about Echo's supposed prisoner-of-war status. The Poletec Chief sent two guides to assist Clone Force 99 in locating the Techno Union's base.[8] After a brief argument between Rex and Crosshair, Skywalker deployed Clone Force 99 to secure the entrance of the facility, while he and Rex sorted some information out. Eventually, the two met up with Clone Force 99, and began their incursion of the facility. The unit made their way through until they discovered a laboratory, where Rex and Tech discovered Echo hooked up to a stasis chamber.[8]

Armor and Equipment[]


Tech in his gear

Tech was equipped with technical experience. He possessed a specialized commando helmet and specialized Katarn-class armor. He also wore goggles. He also possessed DC-17 hand blasters. His helmet was equipped with a specialized set of macrobinoculars.. His helmet had several antennae on it.


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19 BBY
Battle of Anaxes


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