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Team One

Unit type:


Date founded:

18 BBY


White, Grey


Commander Cody

Notable members:


Galactic Empire

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Team One was one of two units deployed out of Marshal Commander Cody's squad during an encounter on Desix with Separatist holdouts.[1]


In 18 BBY, Team One was a fireteam detachment assigned to serve under Marshal Commander Cody in his squad deployed to the planet of Desix to remove Separatist holdouts and reinstall an Imperial regime.[1] The squad were united upon first arriving at the capital city, which had previous been under the command of Imperial Governor Grotton, who was now being held hostage. Upon viewing the city's stronghold, Cody divided the squad into two teams, with Cody taking direct control of Team One, aided by Clone commando Crosshair, Nova, and Wyler.[1] Team One focused on rescuing Grotton, pushing forward in the assault. Nova and Wyler were killed in the assault, Cody and Crosshair managed to rescue Grotton and execute former Separatist Governor Tawni Ames.[1] Team Two, meanwhile, repelled the remaining droid forces and rendezvoused with Team One, departing from the planet.[1]



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