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The Tambor Deep Space Centre, also called the Tambor Station, was a Separatist repair workshop for warships in the Expansion Region. It was manufactured by Geonosians and run by Gorgol the Handy, a Geonosian commander. The station featured strong defenses: hidden autoturrets could be activated remotely and a central bunker of laminasteel housed the leaders.[1]


The station was used created by Geonosians to repair Separatist battleships. It was placed under the command of Gorgol the Handy. Among his crew were the battle droids Unit 4416 and Unit 4432.[1]

Around 22 or 21 BBY,[note 1] the station was attacked by Republic forces led by Commander Cody, Commander Ponds, Mace Windu, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They encountered stiff resistance against the strong Separatist defenses and autoturrets, losing an entire squadron in the fighting. However, Ponds was able to sneak past and disable the transmitter for the turrets, and the rest, capitalizing on Gorgol's hubris, were able to bait out the commander with a false surrender. The clone forces then secured the entire station.[1]



The Security Complex's front doors

The station was centrally controlled via a Security Complex. This bunker was made of laminasteel, and its hull was impenetrable even from a missile launcher. Its only source of entry were a large set of reinforced doors, which were protected from hidden autoturrets in the ground below, as well as any droid forces stationed outside. The turrets were controlled remotely, and proved a formidable defense.[1]

The large area surrounding the outside of the Security Complex was a general workshop space. It was shaped like an extended hallway with supplies and crates scattered throughout. The top featured numerous rafters and pathways, allowing a stealthy person like Obi-Wan Kenobi to hide.[1]


The signal room's transmitter

There also existed a separate signal room, which contained a transmitter linking the remote turrets to Gorgol's controller. This room was stationed and guarded by numerous droids, but Ponds was able to breach it and destroy the transmitter with a missile launcher.[1]

A detention centre was used to house enemies. This spot was reused by the Republic forces to house Gorgol upon their victory.[1]



  1. In "The Droid Deception", the story in which this station is featured, Ponds is shown leading clone troopers. As Ponds is confirmed to have died in 21 BBY, it can be concluded that the events of the story took place sometime before 21 BBY.



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