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Swamp trooper
Swamp trooper

Based off:

Camouflaged ARF troopers


300 RC (Helmet)
100 RC (Gloves)
200 RC (Boots)
400 RC (Armor)
600 RC (Blaster rifle)

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"Clones throughout the galaxy can confront the Separatist threat on swamp worlds in this suit of armor knowing they will be dry and protected."
―The promotional statement[src]
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A swamp trooper is a gear used by clone troopers in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. Costing 1,600 Republic Credits total, it is based off of camouflaged ARF troopers.


  • Helmet - 300 Republic Credits
  • Gloves - 100 Republic Credits
  • Boots - 200 Republic Credits
  • Armor - 400 Republic Credits
  • Blaster rifle - 600 Republic Credits



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