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Clone troopers surrendering with a white flag

A military surrender was the yielding of territories, troops or material to an opposing force. It was often done in times of necessity, such as when a battle or war became hopeless or when a side was defeated. Troops might find it advantageous to be negotiate or be captured rather than risk destruction by continued fighting. Large-scale surrenders could be accompanied by a peace treaties or terms, and small-scale surrenders often brought prisoners of war.

Surrenders were normally issued by senior commanders or signaled by disarmed troops raising their arms or waving a white flag. Throughout the Clone Wars, they were commonplace as the tides of the war turned back and forth. Some combatants, such as Hevy, considered a surrender to be dishonorable.

False surrender[]

A false surrender was a tactic used to bait enemy forces into a false sense of security. By faking a surrender, one might buy time for a clandestine operation to commence, or cause enemy forces to lower their guard, allowing an opportunity for a decisive strike. False surrenders were used on several fronts during the Clone Wars, such as during the Siege of the Tambor Deep Space Centre or the Battle of Yerbana.



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