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Spar, or Alpha-Ø2, and also known as Mandalore the Resurrector, was the name of an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando who left the Republic at the age of eight and a half, when he discovered that in the cloning process, he had inherited memories of Jango Fett. He founded the Mandolorian Protectors in his lifetime, and at one point in the war, joined the Separatists because of his hate for Jedi in the Battle of Galidraan. He was killed by Ailyn Vel, daughter of Boba Fett, because she believed he was her father.


Spar was a clone trooper that was grown on Kamino by the Kaminoans and somehow received the memories of his template, Jango Fett. Because of this he was determined to leave Kamino and start a life of his own. With the assistance of Cuy'val Dar Sergeant Mij Gilimar, who had taken a liking to young man, Spar left Kamino at the age of eight to pursue a different life with Slave I.[1] He took odd jobs for his living, and after the death of Jango Fett, he realized that he should rebuild the Mandalorian Supercommandos, so he founded the Mandalorian Protectors. Two hundred police men came to join including Fenn Shysa and Tobbi Dala, as well as twelve members of the former Death Watch. That was when he took the title of "Mandalorian the Resurrector".[2]

The Protectors soon joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems in their battle against the Republic side because the Mandalorians had a grudge against the Jedi for destroying Death Watch a long time ago. Spar had the Separatists produce a thousand BL-series Battle Legionnaire droids to fight. Some places that the Supercommandos fought were New Holstice, Null, and Zaadja. Spar and his group carried out covert missions and helped capture MandalMotors for the Separatists. When a Separatists commander was killed, the Mandalorian Protectors retreated to New Bornalex and Kamino.[2] The Galactic Republic sent assassins after Spar, but the assassins failed.[3] Towards the end of the war, Darth Sidious ordered the Supercommandos to capture Senator Padme Amidala, but it turned out to be an ambush, and with only Spar, Dala, and Shysa surviving. Surprised, Spar left his post of Mandalore, and Shysa tried to convince him to resume his post, but failed.[2]

Spar (2)

The Mandalorian Protectors

In the last half-year of the Clone Wars, Spar came across Fi Skirata, a former Republic Commando who had been severely wounded in the Battle of Gaftikar, who was eventually declared deceased in military records, living on Mandalore.[1][3] The two would meet again at the Oyu'baat tapcafe in Keldabe, following Fenn Shysa and Sull, who was another ARC deserter. Shysa hoped that a member of the Fett bloodline or shared genetic template would simultaneously establish Mandalore as a strong force in the galaxy again and ease the nerves of the Mandalorian people. He attempted to convince Spar to take the mantle once more, as well as sway Sull and Fi to take that place if Spar declined.[1] The meeting ended once former Jedi General Bardan Jusik entered the tapcafe. Spar and Sull both harbored resentment and hatred for the Jedi, with Spar not forgiving the Jedi for the loss of Mandalorian lives at the Battle of Galidraan.[1] The two later confronted Jusik about his Jedi past, however, Jusik put himself at their mercy, and after learning that he bore no more allegiance to the Jedi, Spar backed down, with Sull following suit. Spar knew that Kal Skirata, a former member of the Cuy'val Dar and the adoptive father of the Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos and Omega Squad, had been organizing research to stop the advanced aging process in their genome, which Jusik confirmed.[1] With this confirmed, Spar and Sull decided to accompany Jusik and Fi back to Coruscant during Skirata's plan to disappear from the GAR.[1]

Spar reunited with Gilimar, his adoptive father of sorts, and met with Skirata a month later on Coruscant. The former Manda'lor agreed to join Skirata's mission in exchange for any treatment that they discovered.[1] With that agreement, Skirata informed Spar and the others about Separatist Scientist Ovolot Qail Uthan, who had previously worked on the clone genome in order to develop a virus.[1][4] Uthan, as well as Skirata's daughter Ruusaan, were in Republic custody. Spar, Sull, Fi, and Jusik were tasked with rescuing Ruusaan from the Republic Detention Center on Anaxes.[1] After two months of preparation, the three men impersonated standard clone troopers, using Jusik as their supposed prisoner. They claimed to the camp commander that Jusik was there to identify Ruusaan, presenting false credentials to move her to Coruscant. Upon removing Ruusaan from her cell, the girl proved reluctant; Spar had to restrain her until Jusik administered a force stun in the form of a headbutt.[1] The men used the disguises to get her back to their ship and escape the planet. When they returned to Coruscant, they managed to rendezvous with Ordo Skirata, one of Fi's brothers, during the Battle of Coruscant.[1] Once they rendezvoused with Ordo on the ground, Spar was placed on the Aay'han to escape the planet, alongside Jusik, Sull, Ruusaan, a freed Uthan, Mereel Skirata, and Arla Fett, Jango Fett's sister.[1]

Once back on Mandalore, Shysa continued to push Spar to return as Manda'lor. Spar declined, but backed Shysa's succession as the leader of the planet.[1] Spar would rendezvous with Skirata at his stronghold on Kyrimorut shortly after the war ended, with the goal of being immunized against a disease that Uthan's research had helped develop, the FG36 virus, a bioweapon being used by the Galactic Empire. While there, Spar learned of Uthan's progress on her cure for rapid aging and volunteered to trial anything that she developed.[1] Eventually, Spar would disappear into the Extrictarium Nebula, where he began to succumb to clone madness, as his mind attempted to sort out the two sets of memories within it. Years later, Ailyn Vel found him within the nebula. By this point, Spar was unsure whether he was experiencing reality or hallucinating. Believing Spar to be her father, Boba Fett, Vel shot the man dead.[2] Ailyn Vel took Spar's Mandalorian armor and ARC trooper kama, using it to masquerade as Boba Fett in her job as a bounty hunter. She was not the only one who mistook him as such, however. Because the Protectors had known him as the son of Jango Fett, Fenn Shysa identified his commander in the Clone Wars as Boba Fett decades later.[2]


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