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19 BBY


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

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Naval officer


Imperial Navy


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Slip, born CT-0409, was a clone stormtrooper that served within the Galactic Empire and the Grand Army of the Republic before the transition to the Empire.


Slip was born in 32 BBY, on the water world of Kamino, created from the genetic template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1][2] The trooper received intensive training, eventually graduating and being assigned to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.

Following the activation of Order 66 and the birth of the Galactic Empire, Slip served in the Imperial Navy under the command of Admiral Rampart. In 19 BBY, Slip was a part of the Attack on Kamino, which saw the destruction of Tipoca City and the entire infrastructure of Kamino's population, with few survivors.[3][4] A brief time after the attack on the planet, Slip returned to Coruscant alongside crewmate Cade, both of whom went out to socialize and drink at the clone bar, 79's.[5] Cade was burdened with sorrow about their actions on Kamino, informed his brother that he had sent Rampart a message threatening to inform the Senate of the attack. Cade left the bar, with Slip following him. While exchanging the sentiments, Cade was shot from a tower across the way, killing him instantly. Slip took cover behind nearby speeders and checked on his fallen comrade. He returned fire at the attacker before he kickstarted one of the speeders and drove off, while other clone troopers secured the perimeter.[5]

Later, Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi visited 79's, telling the clone troopers that she would fight for them in the Senate, getting them pensions for retirement after the service they provided in the Clone Wars. As she began her exit, Slip received her attention, when he accused Rampart of the destruction of Kamino, informing her to perform a background check on his service record.[5] When she had done so, she sent her guards to locate the deserter. Meanwhile, Slip made contact with fellow deserter Commander Rex to assist in his escape. The assassin who had killed Cade, however, was tracking Slip, as ordered by Rampart to tie up loose ends.[5] Slip set up a rendezvous point with Rex and arrived early, being discovered by Chuchi and her guards. The assassin arrived on the scene as Slip began to explain that he had created a copy of the command logs aboard Rampart's Venator, killing the trooper and one of Chuchi's guards outright.[5] Chuchi avoided being killed by the assassin by Rex's interference, discovering that it was a clone bounty hunter, whose identification credentials had been scrubbed.[5]

Personality and Traits[]

Slip was born with brown eyes, black hair, and stood at 1.83 meters in height, all standard for clones of the Jango Fett genome type.[1] Slip also sported a beard, one that was slightly unkept.[5] The trooper also was equipped with an encrypted comlink and a DC-17 hand blaster.[5]


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