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Skeletal clone trooper
Skeletal clone trooper 2

Based off:

Custom Phase II trooper


200 SC (Armor)
25 SC (Boots)
50 SC (Gloves)
100 SC (Helmet)
300 SC (Scythe)

"If Droids could dream, this would be what Battle Droids would have nightmares about."
―The promotional statement[src]
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A skeletal clone trooper is a gear used by clone troopers in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. Released an available on Friday the 13th and the Halloween event, it was a customized version of a Phase II trooper with bones painted. To buy this, you need a Clone Wars Adventures membership.


  • Armor - 200 Station Cash
  • Boots - 25 Station Cash
  • Gloves - 50 Station Cash
  • Helmet - 100 Station Cash
  • Scythe - 300 Station Cash



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