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Siege of the Tambor Deep Space Centre


22–21 BBY[note 1]


Tambor Deep Space Centre[1]


Galactic Republic victory[1]


Clone Wars


CIS Emblem Confederacy of Independent Systems[1]

Republic Emblem Galactic Republic[1]


Obi-Wan Kenboi[1]
Mace Windu[1]

Gorgol the Handy[1]


91st Recon Corps[1]

At least 8 AT-RTs[1]

B1 battle droids[1]
B2 super battle droids[1]

Losses and Casualties:

Swift's squadron[1]
Many other clone troopers[1]

Many battle droids[1]

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Attempted kidnapping of Senator Amidala[2]

Mission to the Deyvus[3]

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The Siege of the Tambor Deep Space Centre was an attack by the Republic on the Tambor Station, a mobile shipyard for repairing Separatist battleships. Though initially repulsed and suffering heavy casualties, the Republic forces were able to eventually get the upper hand and capture the station.[1]


Around 22 or 21 BBY,[note 1] Republic forces lead an assault against the Tambor Deep Space Centre. The station was commanded by the chief mechanic Gorgol the Handy, and used as a repair workshop for Separatist warships. A detachment of All Terrain Recon Transports and clone troopers from the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps were led by Commander Cody, Commander Ponds, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu against the droid defenses. Due to flawed intelligence, the opposition was stronger than the Jedi expected, leading to heavy casualties. In spite of this, they were able to fight their way to the outside of the Security Complex of the station.[1]

Ponds attempted to break through by firing a missile launcher, but the complex's laminasteel hull was not affected. Cody then ordered a cavalry squadron under the leadership of Sergeant Swift to attack the bunker, Swift believing that an assault of thermal detonators would be enough. However, as the unit pushed forward, a group of hidden turrets appeared from the floor, blasting away the entire unit.[1]

Gorgol gloated over the destruction of the walkers, and suggested that the Republic forces should surrender. Reinvigorated from his taunts, the Jedi came up with a new plan: Cody and the troops would signal a false surrender to bait out the enemy, Ponds would attack the transmitter room to disable the turrets, and the Jedi would ambush the droids. The clones raised a white flag, and the Separatists sent two scout squads out to investigate. After confirming that there were no hidden traps, they reported to Gorgol of the surrender, who immediately sought to meet his enemy in person. The Jedi came out of hiding and destroyed the droids.[1]

As Gorgol and his guards exited the Security Complex, they were suddenly attacked by the entire force of clones and Jedi. With his turrets disabled and droids destroyed, Gorgol was captured by the Republic forces, who planned to place him in the station's detention cell.[1]



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