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Shockwave or Plan 82 was a tactic used by Clone Force 99 during the Clone Wars at the Battle of Anaxes.


Shockwave was a tactical plan of attack used by the Special Operations Brigade. The unit would remain behind cover, pinpoint the most effective coordinates to take out the most droids they could with a droid popper, and fire a sniper round which would distribute the blast of the droid popper.[1]


In 19 BBY, during the Battle of Anaxes, Clone Force 99, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, ARC Trooper Jesse, and Kix were shot down en-route to their mission. Their gunship crashed, injuring Cody in the process. Once they got Cody out of the wreckage, they realized their position had been compromised. Sergeant Hunter gave the order to Clone Force 99 to use Plan 82. Wrecker lifted the sliding door from the destroyed LAAT/i and used it as a makeshift shield. The rest of the unit pushed up against the door, with Tech calling out coordinates for Hunter to toss out droid poppers. When Hunter tossed the droid poppers, Crosshair targeted them and destroyed them to expand the radius of the blast and shorted the droids' systems.[1]

Hunter ordered Wrecker to move the door, which allowed for more room to move for the squad. Hunter destroyed some droids with his DC-17 hand blaster and a vibroblade, while Tech and Crosshair fired at the droids with their respective weapons. Wrecker also destroyed a spider droid with the door.[1]


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