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Sev's Unit
Sev ARC trooper


Jedi General Sev
Jedi General Joc Sah

Notable members:

ARC trooper
Sergeant Remy


ARC troopers



Notable battles:

Ragmas V


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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Sev's unit was a Unit of clone troopers led by Jedi General Sev and his Padawan Joc Sah.



Sergeant Remy upon receiving Order 66

The group would be deployed with the Jedi to the planet Ragmas V, where their objective would be to negotiate with local rebels there.[1] Sev and the Unit's ARC trooper would stay aboard their Venator-class Star Destroyer, while Sah would take a group of clone troopers led by Sergeant Remy. Upon arriving near the town, the rebels would shoot their gunship down, causing Sah and his men to crash land. Sah decided it would be a wise option to split the troops up; bringing a few into town, while the remainder stayed ready.[1] Sah and Remy met with the rebels leader, whose name was Gaan. While Sah was negotiating with Gaan, Remy and his men received Order 66, the order to kill all the Jedi.[1]

Remy and his men began firing upon the Jedi and the rebels, which ended in all the troopers, including Remy's death.[1] Meanwhile, the ARC aboard the Venator cruiser successfully executed Sev, at the cost of many of his men. The ARC and his men would deploy to the planet below and fight against the remaining Jedi and the rebels.[1]


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