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Scorch, also known as RC-1262 or Delta-62, was a clone commando and demolitions expert in Delta Squad during the Clone Wars. Scorch fought alongside the other members of his squad on many missions. He often cracked jokes, even in the middle of battle.


Scorch was born in the year 32 BBY, like the rest of his clone brothers on the planet of Kamino. He received his nickname "Scorch" after receiving minor burns and other injuries from weapons training. He was later assigned to Delta Squad, which was one of the first commando units created by the Kaminoans. His other squadmates were Boss, Sev and Fixer. Scorch was considered the explosives expert.[2]

Scorch was sent to Geonosis with the rest of Delta Squad in 22 BBY to assassinate Sun Fac. After Delta Squad boarded different LAAT/i gunships, they met up and attacked the command center, where Sun Fac was located. After killing many Geonosians and Sev killing Sun Fac by sniping his starfighter, the Delta Squad immediately were informed of another mission: destroy an underground droid factory. Delta Squad entered the droid factory, fought off many droids and then targeted weak points in the factory's design and ended up destroying it.[2] Following the factory's destruction, Delta was given instructions to infiltrate of Core Ship, Delta Squad made their way through a canyon, killing many droid enemies. When the squad finally made it to the Core Ship, they had to defeat a spider droid and a ray shield, which was blocking the Core Ship's entrance. After entering the Core Ship, the commandos split up again, with each member sabotaging and destroying various systems. Their main mission was to locate launch codes which were at the ship's bridge.[2]

DS Scorch

Scorch in full armor.

Later, Scorch and the rest of Delta Squad would be sent on a mission to investigate the Prosecutor, a ship that suddenly reappeared after having been missing for two weeks. Tasked with retrieving flight date from the ship's four drive cores and securing the ship, the commandos entered the Prosecutor at four different locations. Scorch was attacked a short time after arriving by droids and was later rescued by the rest of Delta Squad. After defeating many Trandoshans, they made their way to the hangar. Combating and enormous amount of droids, while trying to get the Prosecutor's turbolaser back online, Delta Squad finally completed their mission.[2]

Following the investigation of the Prosector, the squad was deployed to rescue Omega Squad from a botched operation, where the unit's TIV and pilot, Sicko, were lost.[3] Once arriving as quickly as possible, Scorch secured the tunnel that allowed Omega and their prisoners to board the ship Delta Squad had stolen. The stolen ship withdrew to the Fearless, before the ship returned to Coruscant. Once on Coruscant, both Delta and Omega Squads were tasked with a black ops mission of locating and dispatching a Separatist terrorist cell on the planet. During the operation, Scorch was tasked to work alongside Niner of Omega Squad in Green Watch, doing reconnaissance.[3] Once enough intel had been gathered, Scorch and the rest of the assault unit mounted their attack on the terrorists, eventually securing Coruscant from the threat.[3]

Scorch, Boss, Sev and Fixer were dispatched to Devaron after Savage Opress attacked the Jedi and troopers there, killing everyone. Delta Squad tried to find any survivors, but could not find any. They were able to bring back the bodies of Jedi Halsey and his padawan Knox to return to the Jedi Temple, where they reported what they found out to the Jedi awaiting them.[4] Following the operation recovering the bodies of the Jedi, Delta was tasked with an operation on Mygeeto. However, their Training Sergeant Walon Vau had a personal operation to track down a family heirloom, which Delta covered for their sergeant until they forced to retreat to the Arca Company Barracks.[5] Shortly thereafter, Delta Squad was tasked by Jedi General Arligan Zey to track down Kaminoan Scientist Ko Sai, the head geneticist of Kamino.[5] The hunt took them to several locales, but eventually came to find the wreckage of her base on the planet of Dorumaa.[5] While Boss and Fixer remained on the ship, Scorch and Sev donned Clone SCUBA trooper gear to investigate the base, locating a corpse with a Mandalorian knot, which led the squad to believe Kal Skirata, former Training Sergeant for most of Omega Squad, had beaten them to finding her.[5] Their suspicions were confirmed when Skirata brought the severed head of Ko Sai to Arca Company HQ, handing it over to Sev, who delivered it to Zey.[5]

Seven hundred and thirty-six days following the First Battle of Geonosis, the second anniversary of the beginning of the Clone Wars, Delta Squad were stationed at Arca Company Barracks, awaiting an assignment. While in waiting, Scorch and Sev overlooked a meeting between members of the Cuy'val Dar Skirata and Vau.[6] The two investigated the meeting, only to discover that it was a Mandalorian memorial ritual, commemorating the lives of the lost clone commandos in the war.[6] As time went on reading the list, more and more commandos amassed to join in the ritual. Once the list was read through, Scorch and Sev departed to prepare for their mission briefing.[6] Several months later, nine hundred and seventy days after Geonosis, Delta Squad was deployed to Haurgab, following the work of Omega Squad. However, both units felt that they would be best served in different theaters of war.[6] During their time serving on the planet, the squad were stationed in the city of Hadde. While eating food in the mess hall, the planet's occupants launched an attack on the base, which killed at least two troopers in the assault. Scorch was enraged, due to the loss of two brothers, who had hoped for time to rest and recover from the war. Scorch stormed off towards the enemy, after being thrown across the mess, having a table land on him, and losing his helmet.[6] Boss stopped him, handed him his helmet, and waited for Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan to assign them. Tur-Mukan took Omega and Delta Squads to track down the enemy forces, alongside detachments of the 85th Infantry Brigade and the 14th Infantry Brigade.[6] Once they had tracked the origin of the house where the missiles had launched from, Tur-Mukan assigned Omega Squad as the entry force, with Scorch opting to join as well. Darman set a door breach, which allowed them access to the house, while Scorch lobbed an additional grenade into the opening. Scorch followed behind Atin and Corr in the breach, dragging out four captives and executing three targets.[6] Despite killing the targets, Scorch's rage was not satisfied; dragging out the three enemies who were killed in the incursion, Scorch opened fire into their bodies, to the surprise and horror of his comrades.[6] Tur-Mukan would pull him aside and attempt to comfort Scorch, assisting him with the use of the Force.[6]

Shortly after their deployment to Haurgab, Delta Squad was sent to Kashyyyk to rescue Tarfful, who was the chieftain of the Wookiees. Scorch, as well as the other commandos freed Wookiees  before finally rescuing Tarfful from his captor, who was General Grievous. After a fight with two MagnaGuards, Grievous escaped in his starfighter.[2] By this point in their deployment, Tur-Mukan joined the squad in their mission, working on retaking the Kachirho Bridge. However, as the battle raged on, Delta were forced to destroy the bridge, gaining some respect from the Wookiees, with Enacca - Skirata's Wookiee comrade who assisted in the black ops mission on Coruscant - stating that if Scorch were taller and hairier, she would find him attactive.[6][2] While deployed on Kashyyyk, the squad discovered that the Separatists had launched an assault on Coruscant, with several squads in the Inner Rim being recalled, however Delta continued in their operation of Kashyyyk.[6] When General Tur-Mukan expressed her concern for her loved ones residing on the Republic's besieged capital, Delta Squad took it upon themselves to comfort her, and when she revealed that she had a son, they promised to keep her secret. Though the battle droid patrol would fall victim to Wookiee-make pitfalls, Delta and Tur-Mukan ambushed a small group of Trandoshans scouting through the Wroshyr trees, disposing of their dead bodies via a carnivorous plant.[6] Five days later, one thousand and eighty-eight days after the Battle of Geonosis, Delta Squad was reinforced by troops under Jedi General Quinlan Vos' charge with Jedi General Yoda and the 41st Elite Corps coming to the Wookiees aid.[6][2][7] While waiting on these forces, a Separatist cruiser came into the battle, opening fire on Yoda's cruiser. Delta Squad were then tasked to co-opt Wookiee laser turrets and help bring the cruiser down, all four members taking separate turrets.[6][2] Once the cruiser came down, the squad were called to regroup with the main Republic force. However, in the process, Sev was caught up fighting multiple Separatist forces. While the rest of Delta were ready to mount an assault to rescue him, their commanding officer CC-01/425 replied that they needed to rendezvous with the Republic force and the orders came from Yoda. Boss and Fixer were willing to follow, however begrudgingly. Scorch, on the other hand, was ready to locate his brother. Boss forced him, however, to regroup with the main force, with Scorch remarking that he would never forgive them and that Sev would never leave them behind.[6][2]

A few days following the Battle of Kashyyyk and Operation: Knightfall by the use of Order 66, the entire Special Operations Brigade was reorganized, alongside the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, into the Imperial Commando Special Unit. With numerous deserters and soldiers missing in action, multiple units were reorganized, with Delta Squad remaining mostly intact, apart from Sev's MIA status. However, half of Omega Squad had deserted from the Empire, with Darman and Niner remaining due to an injury Niner had sustained on the night of Operation: Knightfall.[6][8] Nearly eleven-hundred days following Geonosis, the units were all stationed on Centax-2 at a new training facility, one of Coruscant's moons which had also possessed a Spaarti cloning operation.[8] Three weeks following the formation of the Empire, with a new replacement for Sev who Scorch held a measure of resentment towards, gathered at the 501st Legion headquarters on Coruscant, with a number of clone commandos and Advanced Recon Commandos briefed by Darth Vader.[8] The Imperial Commando Special Unit would be tasked to track down any Jedi and deserters from the Empire. The Republic Commandos were changed to Imperial Commandos, with their prefix being changed from RC to IC, with Scorch being designated as IC-1262.[8] The squads were also re-designated to numerical designations, with Omega and Galaar Squads being merged into Squad 40.[8] The Imperial Commando was placed under command of Sa Cuis, an Inquisitor under Vader's command, until he perished on an operation, with Roly Melusar taking over command of the unit.[8]

Shortly after the reorganization of the Empire, Scorch was deployed solely to operate on the planet of Daro, instructing conscripted Imperial troopers, alongside Captain Gregor.[9] During the deployment, Gregor revealed that he was disillusioned with the Imperial cause and attempted to desert, relaying a signal to Captain Rex, a presumed-dead trooper who had deserted following the execution of Order 66. However, Rex relayed the signal to Clone Force 99, deploying to rescue the commando.[9] While in the facility on Daro, Clone Force 99 - Sergeant Hunter, ARC Corporal Echo, and Tech infiltracted the facility, freeing Gregor from his cell and alerted the Imperial forces to their presence. In the process, Scorch attacked the infiltrators, shooting Gregor in the chest. Hunter and Echo managed to stun Scorch, leaving him unconscious.[9] while Gregor, Echo, and Tech managed to escape, Hunter was knocked off the Havoc Marauder, being stopped by Scorch and numerous other troopers.[9] Following the operation, Scorch was assigned to work alongside Imperial Doctor Royce Hemlock as his personal aid, being promoted from Private to Clone trooper Commander.[1]

In 18 BBY, Scorch was deployed to the planet Silla to secure a rogue cloned Zillo Beast youth, alongside a small detachment of commandos. During the recovery, Scorch encountered Clone Force 99 once again, who were trying to neutralize the beast. Due to the beast being witnessed by the entirety of a local village near the crash site, Scorch and a team of other clone commandos rounded up the villagers and forced them onto shuttles, and had them "dealt with" in order to preserve the clandestine nature of the cloned animal.[10] Following its capture, Scorch returned with the beast to the cloning facility at Mount Tantiss on the planet Weyland, where he gave his mission report to Hemlock. He mentioned the skirmish with Marauder, but did not seem to recognize it. Hemlock then ordered him to investigate the ship's owners since they bore witness to his classified experiment.[10] Following the encounter, Hemlock and Scorch were determined to locate Omega, tracking her down to the planet of Ord Mantell. In the assault, the group managed to capture Omega, although the rest of Clone Force 99, Hunter, Echo, and Wrecker managed to escape.[11] Scorch would then be stationed on Weyland at Mount Tantiss, remaining there for at least four months time.[12][13]

Armor and Equipment[]

Scorch wore standard commando armor with yellow markings on his wrist gauntlets. He mainly used a grenade launcher attachment for his DC-17 blaster rifle and had anti-armor shells strapped to the sides of his legs.

Personality and Traits[]

Scorch liked to blow things up. He received his nickname from an explosion that blew off both his and Training Sergeant Walon Vau's eyebrows.[14] Scorch and Sev liked to quote rules for sarcastic purposes, such as Rules 17, 23, 39, and 48.[15] He also killed for his fallen brothers, however, in one instant he forgot one of their names. He also made a lot of jokes, even in battle.


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