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Sarlacc Battalion A


Commander Gree
Jedi Master Vaas Ga

Notable battles:


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Sarlacc Battalion A was a battalion in the 41st Elite Corps and the Sarlacc Brigade and the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. It was led by Jedi Master Vaas Ga and Commander Gree, and consisted of 576 clone troopers.


In 22 BBY, divisions of the 41st Elite Corps was sent to the planet Dinlo to battle the Separatists. Sarlacc Battalion A and its twin unit Sarlacc Battalion B were stuck behind enemy lines and needed evacuation. The Republic, however, planned to bomb the enemy, which would have killed the troops in the companies, until Jedi Etain Tur-Mukan pleaded not to. Both she and Improcco Company were deployed and they successfully evacuated them. During the Skirmish at Dinlo, 94 troopers were killed and 215 were wounded between both the battalions.


  • Republic Commando: Triple Zero



21 BBY
Skirmish at Dinlo