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"Rule 39, never say no to bacta"
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Rule 39 was a rule given to clone troopers and clone commandos during their training.


Rule 39 was a helpful guideline given to clone troopers, clone commandos and most likely the other variations of clones, out of at least 48 rules.[1] The rule had to deal with always accepting bacta treatments.[1]


During the Clone Wars, several clone troopers used the rule. The members of Delta Squad, Scorch and Sev, quoted the rule several times over the time of the First Battle of Geonosis and several other missions up til the Battle of Kashyyyk.[1] When injured, clone survivors would be taken to medical stations[2][3] which would imply Rule 39 for the clones. However bacta was not always enough to save a clone,[4] it generally healed most injuries.[5]


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