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19 BBY


Martez' repair shop, Level 1313, Coruscant

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Rex's resistance network, known as the Clone Underground, was a resistance and escape network formed by Captain Rex, formerly of 501st Legion, in 19 BBY. The network functioned as an escape network for clone troopers in poor standing with the Galactic Empire, namely those accused of treason and dissidence, as well as a form of resistance against the Empire.


The escape network began in 19 BBY, following Captain Rex's status declared as Killed in Action, following the events of Order 66. Rex began setting up the network, beginning with Cut Lawquane's family. Although this was simply to warn him of the inhibitor chips and the Empire's initiative of hunting Jedi survivors and clone deserters, which led Cut and his family to escape Saleucami with the assistance of Clone Force 99.[1] A short time later, Rex assisted Clone Force 99 in removing their inhibitor chips.[2] While Clone Force 99 was on a mission for Cid, he contacted the former commando unit, relaying them to a distress beacon set by former clone commando Captain Gregor.[3] Once Clone Force 99 assisted Gregor in his escape, Gregor began assisting Rex in the operation.

Following an assassination of Clone navigation officer Cade, Rex was contacted by Slip, who had information on the destruction of Tipoca City. Slip had been a contact for Rex in the Empire's ranks. Slip had also made contact with Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi, who was working in the Senate as a Clone rights activist.[4] Slip made his way to the lower levels of Coruscant, with Chuchi attempting to locate him in order to see him testify about the bombardment of Tipoca City.[4] Unbeknownst to either party was Clone X - a clone assassin - was in pursuit of Slip. Once Chuchi located him, Clone X assassinated Slip and both of Chuchi's guards. Chuchi escaped with Rex's assistance, who showed up to assist Slip. Rex interrogated Clone X, although to little avail, as the latter committed suicide by way of an suicide shocker.[4] Clone Force 99 was called by Rex to assist him in retrieving the intel aboard Rampart's Star Destroyer, where Slip and Cade had both previously been stationed aboard.[5] The operation proved successful, leading to the Galactic Senate being made aware of Tipoca City's bombardment at the hands of Vice Admiral Rampart. However, in a cunning twist, Emperor Sheev Palpatine turned this information against the clones, seeing to their retirement due to their willingness to assist in the bombardment.[5] Seeing this reaction, Rex reevaluated the network's next move, as did ARC Trooper Corporal Echo, who determined that Rex needed his help more than Clone Force 99 did at that time.[5]

By 18 BBY, Rex had built the network alongside Echo, Gregor, and Chuchi, who had managed to recruit several more clones to their cause including Fireball and Nemec. The network received intelligence that a prisoner transfer was occurring in the Balmorra system, where the Empire was transferring Captain Howzer, a dissident who had made a stand after a skirmish on Ryloth, as well as two of his men.[6] Echo and Gregor took a ship, alongside Fireball and Nemec, assaulting the transport and locating the prisoners. Gregor piloted the ship, while Echo, Fireball, and Nemec boarded. Echo and Nemec attacked the bridge in order to gain intel on where the prisoners were being transported, while Fireball freed Howzer and his men.[6] Echo and Nemec took the bridge, although much of the intel had been deleted. Echo retrieved what he could before Imperial reinforcements arrived. Fireball, Howzer, and the others managed their way back into the main part of the ship with Gregor, while Echo and Nemec made their way back to the special detachment pod, eventually reconnecting with the ship.[6] Once they managed to return to Level 1313, Howzer's men rested with Gregor, while Fireball and Nemec unloaded supplies from the ship. Howzer, Chuchi, and Echo discussed what intel Howzer and Echo had ascertained. Howzer had lost five men of his unit at Balmorra, noting that several other clones had been transported off world and never seen from again, while Echo noted that he could take this encrypted intel to Tech and uncover what they could.[6]

In 18 BBY, Rex, Howzer, Greer, and Samson deployed to the planet of Pantora, escorting former Separatist Senator Avi Singh and his droid, GS-8 to a private meeting with Imperial Senator Riyo Chuchi. However, while Rex escorted the Senator, they were stalked by CX-1, a clone assassin. Rex followed the Senator directly until they met with Chuchi. In the time, he secured the perimeter with the rest of his team. However, CX-1 entered the facility, choking Greer to death and prepared to assassinate the two Senators. Howzer lost contact with Greer, allowing him to alert Rex and Samson quick. CX-1 tossed a thermal detonator through the vent, which Rex dove towards and returned it through the vents. Rex and Samson pursued the assassin, after checking Greer's body. Howzer, however, intercepted the assassin and stunned him. The three survivors carried the assassin to their ship before returning to their base on Teth.[7] Upon returning to Teth, the three escorted him to their makeshift prison cell. Howzer and Fireball tore through the data in his helmet and removed the electro-shock piece from his teeth. Samson returned to patrol, alongside another trooper with red markings. Rex called Clone Force 99, hoping to question Crosshair and Omega about any knowledge they held on Tantiss.[7]

Upon arriving, Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Omega departed from their ship, with Echo departing to pick up Gregor from another operation. Rex and Howzer escorted the squad inside and briefed them on the situation, despite Howzer's reservations about Crosshair. Rex revealed that they had CX-1 in captivity, which caught the attention of Crosshair. Crosshair revealed that the assassins were a special unit trained under the command of Royce Hemlock, who employed reconditioning to normal clone troopers and had attempted to train Crosshair as one.[7] Fireball brought food into the command center, which he gave to Wrecker and Omega. Meanwhile, Rex, Howzer, Hunter, and Crosshair entered to interrogate CX-1. During the interrogation, the base came under attack by CX-2, which resulted in the deaths of Samson and two other troopers who were present at the base.[7] Wrecker began opening fire on the assassin, who had managed to kill CX-1 with a sniper shot. As the rest of the resistance flooded out of the interrogation room, the sniper continued firing. Rex ordered Nemec to activate the comms, however, the assassin destroyed the console and briefly incapacitated Nemec. In the meantime, Fireball grabbed a flamethrower and covered his allies' escape. In the process, the assassin fired a shot that landed in Fireball's shoulder. However, the flamethrower he dropped ignited a thermal detonator, which caused the base to implode and the rubble crashed down, killing Fireball in the process.[7]

The survivors, Clone Force 99, Rex, Howzer, and Nemec, continued to the base of the temple, as they had a ship that could communicate with Echo but could not escape the planet. Once they reached the ship, the group managed to escape the base. However, their engines were shot out by the assassin, causing them to crash.[8] Journeying out through the jungle, the group were pursued by an Imperial unit led by Commander Wolffe, as well as the assassin, who seemingly operated rogue. One of the Imperial shuttles deployed their forces to the ground after locating the group. In the battle, the resistance members managed to kill or stun any Imperial troopers, even destroying the shuttle. As the resistance continued moving, Crosshair halted, looking back with thermal vision, spotting the assassin. The assassin opened fire on the group, killing Nemec in the process.[8] While the rest of the group broke away, Crosshair attack the assassin and was beaten by him. However, Howzer intervened, stunning the assassin and knocking him off a waterfall. The group of survivors carried on until they were cornered by Wolffe, Lieutenant Hilo, and a detachment of clone troopers. Rex and Wolffe spoke for a moment, revealing that the Empire had been experimenting on clones, which Wolffe did not believe. The resistance group were able to escape with the assistance of Echo and Gregor, although Wolffe decided not to pursue. He ordered his men to bury the dead clones, including the ones with the resistance.[8]



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