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"He doesn't even remember how he got here!"

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Rex relationship


CT-7567[note 1]


Old Geezer (Old age)
Gramps (Old age)

Home world:



c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color:

Dyed blonde, white with age

Eye color:





ARC trooper


501st Legion

Rebel Alliance

  • Phoenix Squadron
  • Massassi Group


Galactic Republic
Rebel Alliance


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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"Sir, if I may address your accusation, I followed your orders, even in the face of a plan, that was in my opinion, severely flawed. A plan that cost us men, not clones, men!"
―Rex, while arguing with General Pong Krell.
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Rex, or CT-7567,[note 1] was a clone trooper captain and later commander during the Clone Wars. He personally commanded Torrent Company, part of the 501st Legion, a famous clone trooper unit in the Grand Army of the Republic that fulfilled many missions. He served under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano and lead the 501st Legion in many major battles such as on Christophisis,[3] Teth,[3] Rishi Moon,[4] Saleucami,[5] Kamino,[6] Lola Sayu,[7][8][9] Umbara,[10][11][12][13] Mandalore,[14] Scipio,[15] Ringo Vinda[16], Anaxes and the Siege of Mandalore. [17] He would also be placed as the leading officer in the 332nd Company.[1]

Later in the war, He had his inhibitor chip removed by Ahsoka Tano thus not following Order 66,[14] along with Commander Wolffe and Captain Gregor.[18] After the Clone Wars, He then resided in a modified AT-TE Walker along with Wolffe and Gregor. He was visited by the crew of the Ghost who was sent by Ahsoka Tano, his long time comrade to recruit him to the Rebellion.[18][19]


Early Life[]

Rex, born CT-7567, was born in 32 BBY, on the planet Kamino.[20] He was trained and was deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis, where he fought alongside Jedi for the first time. After the battle, Alpha-17, an ARC Captain, began an ARC training program, where he trained Rex, Cody, Odd Ball, Appo, Bacara, Neyo, Gree, Bly and many more.[20] Rex and Cody bonded while training, becoming great friends. Alpha allowed them to be granted proper names, rather than numbers, where the two became known as Rex and Cody.[20]

In the early days of the Clone Wars, Rex served as the second in command of the 501st Legion, being deployed to several early battles such as the incident on Tibrin.[4] At some point after this, Rex earned his jaig eyes. Following these events, Rex was deployed to the Battle of Arantara. He would be injured and found unconscious by Anakin Skywalker, who Rex was surprised came to rescue him.[21] Rex would serve in the 501st during a recon mission to locate Separatist forces on the planet Benglor, however, it was discovered there were no Separatists there anymore. However, in the process, Bellow was killed by a local creature.[22]

Siege of Hisseen[]

Rex was deployed to the Siege of Hisseen in charge of the 501st. Alongside the 501st, the 212th Attack Battalion and 104th Battalion were deployed to the planet.[22] The three units were pitted against a Separatist force on the planet. At some point, Hisseenian parliment had been captured by the Separatist forces.[23] While Cody and Commander Wolffe took some of their men to rescue the parliment,[23][24] Rex remained on the main battle ground.[25] During the battle, one of his men named Twitch, suggested a retreat. Due to this, another trooper named Heater began to argue with Twitch about leaving men behind, which led to Rex intervening. Heater and Twitch resolved their issue soon thereafter, with Wolffe and Cody returning, saving the two in the process.[25] With their entire force reunited, the three units attacked with their full might. However, after being severely depleted, they became surrounded. However, Skywalker, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Jedi General Plo Koon returned to the battle, rescuing their men.[26]

Battle of Christophsis[]

Rex participated in the Battle of Christophsis against the Separatists led by Sith Acolyte Asajj Ventress and General Whorm Loathsom. Rex and Cody and a platoon along with Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker set a trap. However, the trap was turned around on them, causing them to lose several troopers in the fight. Rex, Cody, Kenobi, Skywalker, Sergeant Slick and five other troopers survived the firefight, being rescued at the last minute by Lieutenant Hawk.[27]

The survivors went back to their barracks. While Slick and the remainder of the platoon went to eat, rest, and receive medical treatment, Kenobi, Skywalker, Rex and Cody discussed what went wrong, eventually discovering a traitor in their midst.[27] After a thorough investigation, they discovered Slick had betrayed them. While in pursuit, he planted explosives at the all of the heavy artillery and gunships. However, they managed to save some of the heavy cannons and a few AT-RTs.[27]

Slick would be arrested by Rex and Cody, but not before a brief fight, where Rex's leg would be injured.[27] Rex and Cody would then prepare for the battle to come.

Rex with Bravo Squad and leading with Obi-Wan Kenobi when Anakin and Ahsoka were trying to disable the shield.[3] Rex and his unit were able to hold out, while Kenobi was negotiating new terms. When the shield went down, Rex ordered all batteries to fire on the droid forces coming towards them.[3]

Battle of Teth[]

After the Battle of Christophsis, Skywalker and Tano were assigned to save Rotta the huttlet who was the son of Jabba Desilijic Tiure also a Hutt. They were ordered to convince Jabba to give GAR access to hyperspace lanes going through Hutt Space by bringing Jabba the baby.[3] Rex and other members of Torrent Company went with the 2 Jedi who were going to the planet Teth, where ARF troopers tracked the Huttlet.

The clifftop monastery where Rotta was being held prisoner was half a mile high and was being protected by battle droids, Anakin launched a vertical assault up the cliff to reach Rotta.[3] LAAT gunships took Rex and Torrent Company to the top of the cliff. When the droids begin to shoot at the ship Hawk closed the gunships blast shields in order to deflect the incoming blaster fire. The gunships landed below the cliff and provided cover for the Jedi and clone troopers.[3] While following the Jedi's lead Torrent Company scaled the cliff using ascension cables. When Torrent Company got to the monastery they learned that the Separatists were Rotta's capturers.

While Skywalker and Tano went further into the temple, Rex and Torrent Company held a position at the entrance. The Separatists reinforcements arrived, eventually breaking into the monastery, where the company held their own. The few survivors of the battle would be captured, but they would not go down without a fight. Rex, along with only five other survivors - Coric, Nax, Zeer, Del, and Attie - held out until the 212th Attack Battalion came and provided reinforcement. Rex and the remainder of Torrent survived the battle, which forced him to rebuild the company from scratch.[3]

Battle of Taronda[]


Rex assisting the wounded on Taronda

"I just hope Snips can hold out until they arrive."
―Rex to Anakin[src]

Sometime around 22 BBY,[note 2] Rex accompanied Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano to the planet Taronda in order to negotiate an essential trade deal with the local miners. Separatist forces led by Asajj Ventress invaded the planet and attempted to block the meeting. Outnumbered and heavily outgunned, the Republic forces retreated to a deflector shield, where they prepared to make a stand against the droid onslaught. Commander Tano fell through a mineshaft crevice, and Rex reassured General Skywalker of the young padawan's abilities. Reinforcements in the form of a Venator-class Star Destroyer arrived in time to save Rex and the rest of the Republic forces, resulting in a defeat for Ventress.[28]

Shipyards of Gwori[]

As the Clone Wars Continued the navy of the Separatists grew four times bigger than the Republic Navy which put the war effort of the Republic at a disadvantage. With the strong possibility of being defeated in the clone wars, the Jedi High Council decided to impair Separatist ship production by attacking the InterGalactic Banking Clan's Separatist allied shipyards. The exact location of the shipyards was unknown the job of finding out was given to Skywalker, Kenobi, and Rex.

Battle of Mimban[]

Rex was deployed to the planet of Mimban along with the 224th Division and his men of the 501st under Jedi General Laan Tik. However, Tik was killed during the battle, leaving only Representative Jar Jar Binks in command. After falling back to a command post, Rex discusses strategy with Denal,[29] Hardcase, and Jesse when he decided to undertake the mission on his own, calling in an exfil shuttle for his men. Rex, however, was followed by one of his men and Binks, fighting the droids till he was shot and knocked back to the ground. At one point, Binks saved Rex, using Tik's lightsaber. Despite this, Rex snatched the lightsaber from Binks and gave him a blaster, with the two fighting droids off.[21]

Outpost inspections[]

"Today we fight for all our brothers back home."
―Rex, giving a motivational speech to his troops.

Rex was deployed to the Bith system, on board the Venator-class star destroyer Resolute, because of the threat of a new Separatist superweapon.[30] The Resolute was to protect supply convoys. Rex was on the bridge and when Kenobi contacted them, he informed Kenobi of where Skywalker was and what his orders were.[30] The Jedi soon found out that the superweapon was the Malevolence, equipped with a fearsome ion-pulse cannon. The Resolute was one of the ships that attacked the Malevolence, and played a large role in its destruction.[30] After the battle, Commander Cody and Captain Rex were sent to inspect several small Repulic outposts. During the inspection of a tracking station, Rex realized that a cleaning droid was actually a spy droid. Rex, and a squad of troopers soon eliminated it, though they destroyed the hallway.[30]


Rex and Cody speaking to Fives, Echo and Hevy

The two officers then went to inspect the outpost on the Rishi Moon. When they contacted the troopers there, Rex had a bad feeling about it.[4] Cody then put Rex in charge of the operation. Upon arriving they were greeted by what they thought was a clone trooper, but was a new type of droid known as a commando droid.[4] Rex and Cody turned around when they heard an object flying through the air; a droid attack flare. Rex raised his DC-15S blaster carbine and fired into the droids skull. The two were then attacked, which forced them off of the platform. After reaching the ground, they met clone troopers Echo, Fives and Hevy.[4] The five mounted a counterattack against the droids and successfully eliminated the droids, only to discover more droids were on the way. Hevy were able to destroy all the droids, but sacrificed himself so his brothers could survive.[4]


Rex and Skywalker returned to Coruscant, where Rex foresaw over a blaster training range to help maintain his troops combat skills. Later after their return, word had reached the Jedi High Council that General Grievous was targeting the planet Bothawui, which was home to the key Republic affiliated Bothan Spynet. Skywalker was immediately given command of his own battle group to defend the world from the impending attack. Kenobi, who was out of action due to being injured in a recent terrorist bombing, had Rex and the 501st Legion put on standby for Skywalker's team, knowing that Skywalker would want the legion for his strike force.

After receiving his orders that he would be a part of the response team, Rex got his men on the Star Destroyer Resolute, which was being prepared for Skywalker's fleet along with two other Venator-class Star Destroyers, the Pioneer and Dauntless. Rex then was reunited with Skywalker. Once all was ready, they set off for the Both system, with Grievous and an armada of four Munificent-class star frigates pursuing them to the planet. Although they beat Grievous to the planet, Skywalker, Tano, and Rex learned from Kenobi that Grievous was still in pursuit.

Rex was deployed, along with a small squad of clones, to retrieve R2-D2, Skywalker's droid who had been lost during the battle. He, Tano and the squad would go focus on their primary mission, destroying the Skytop Orbital Station, a Separatist listening post, while Skywalker searched for R2. One trooper remained aboard the Twilight, so they could escape swiftly if need be.[31] While en-route to their objective, Rex, Tano and his squad were attacked by Grevious. The troopers began to fire, with a shot being deflected into one of the troopers.[31] Grievous jumped and attacked the clones, slicing two of them up and then knocking Denal and Rex into the wall and unconsciousness. Grievous attempted to strike Rex with his lightsaber, but Tano deflected it, forcing the two to duel, giving time for Rex and Denal to complete their mission. The remaining group members rendezvoused in the hangar, where Rex detonated the charges, blowing up the generators and getting the group to escape in the Twilight. Skywalker jumped into his starfighter and rescued R2 at the last possible second.[31]

Mission to JanFathal[]

Six months into the Clone Wars, Rex relieved Skywalker of Tano for a few days, by taking her with him to visit Republic Navy Captain Gilad Pellaeon on the Leveler. After Pellaeon, an old acquaintance of his, agreed to have him along for the ride, Rex and Tano, along with Sergeant Coric and six new members of Torrent Company - Ross, Boro, Joc, Hil, Vere and Ince - who had completed their training only days prior.[32] Because the troopers were newly trained, they failed to display unique traits, which made Rex consider to use the tally marker, as inconsiderate as that would be. Upon arrival, the troopers left for the barracks. Rex and Tano, however, went to meet Pellaeon to examine the experiment concussion missiles the Leveler possessed.[32] While discussing the weapons with Pellaeon, they were interrupted by a proximity alarm that a flotila of Separatist ships had exited hyperspace near the Fath System.

Rex and Pellaeon monitored the Separatist activity, while Tano sensed a disturbance in the Force. At Rex's advice, Pellaeon took it seriously. Despite that the enemy activity may mean nothing, Rex took the precautions and rounded up his men.[32] After bringing them to the bridge and explaining the situation, Joc inquired about Pellaeon's private life, which then sparked a conversation between Tano and the rookies about the Jedi Code and their requirement to have no connections.[32] Rex ended the debate by putting his men on standy, suggesting that she should go to the ops room. When she departed, Rex rebuked his men for putting her on the spot, however he stated that he was pleased with them for expressing themselves. In an effort to keep them occupied, he took his men to the hangar deck to have them perform some deck circuits and familiarize themselves with the Fath System, where the Leveler was headed.[32]


Rex, Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano and Jedi Knight Castilla Masana on JanFathal.

While leaving his men in the hangar, Rex contacted Skywalker to inform him of the Leveler's diversion to the Fath System. Skywalker set off for the Leveler, even though Rex stated his presence was unnecessary.[32] After taking a moment to shave his blue-dyed hair - in support of the Sullustan Bylluran Athletic bolo-ball team - Rex rejoined Tano and Pellaeon on the bridge just as Jedi Master Djinn Altis arrived aboard the ship, with his ship the Wookiee Gunner. The Jedi informed them that Republic Intelligence Agent Hallena Devis was on the planet. The Republic Intelligence Unit confirmed Altis' story and gave the additional info that she was captured during a rebel-allied Separatist uprising.[32] Once Pellaeon heard that Davis had been captured, he was ready to assist. Rex, Pellaeon, Altis, Tano and Jedi Knights Callista Masana and Geith Eris communed to formulate a plan to rescue Devis.[32]

After Pellaeon briefed the impromptu team on their objective, Rex objected to Pellaeon wanting to participate. He stated that since there were no force on their ship that the responsibility fell to him and Torrent Company. Once their shuttle was prepared, Tano, Rex, Masana, Eris and Torrent Company boarded and went down to the planet.[32] Coric took the pilot controls and while on their way Rex tried to mediate a heated conversation between Tano and the two Altisian Jedi, as they did not stand to normal Jedi standards or take a military titles and join in the war. He also checked in with his troopers, through their private comlink in their helmets, pitied the Altisians.[32]

Eventually, the group rescued Devis, but not before Vere was killed in the battle. Tano, Eris, Masana, Rex and the remaining force of Torrent Company - Coric, Boro, Hil, Joc, Ross and an injured Ince - retreated back to the Leveler. Ince had been injured, and succumbed to his injuries. Rex mourned the deaths of Vere and Ince, angry that he had to train new troopers because of carelessness. Ince had only be deployed for eight days.[32]

Further Missions[]

Rex participated in several one-off missions over the first year of the war. Rex, Skywalker and Tano all participated on a mission on an unnamed planet, where Rex oversaw the construction of several heavy cannons.[33] Soon after the mission, Rex was assigned to be apart of an attempt to capture Count Dooku, where Skywalker and Kenobi boarded the Sith Lord's frigate, and Rex and Tano remained on board the Republic ship, the Resolute, providing assistance when needed.[34] Rex was placed in charge of the Resolute on the mission, as Admiral Yularen was recovering from their mission against the Malevolence. Rex took possession of the ship when he ordered them to get into firing positions.[34] However, the Republic were unable to capture Dooku. A band of Pirates captured Dooku, ransoming him out the Republic, which Skywalker and Kenobi took advantage of. It turned out to be a trap, which forced Commander Stone, Jar Jar Binks and several clone troopers to rescue the two Jedi.

Following that, Rex and the 501st went to Queel, taking place in a battle on the planet. Once the mission was over, they returned to the Republic's FOB - Forward Operating Base - where they received new orders to capture Separatist agent Messo. Rex, Tano and Skywalker tracked him to Mon Gazza, where they hosted podracing events. They all donned disguises; Tano and Skywalker putting on ponchos and Rex donning a heavily layer disguise, so no one would realize he was a clone.[35] Tano ended up participating in the race as her cover, while Rex and Skywalker watched. Skywalker was able to track Messo. Messo ended up falling over a ledge, being hit by a podracer, which killed him instantly. The three reported their mission success to Kenobi, who was still on Queel, and left in the Twilight.[35]

Rex was later dispatched to Rodia to investigate a Separatist superweapon in development. After arriving on Rodia, Rex and his battalion was ambushed and surrounded by an enormous amount of droids. Rex ordered his men to call for reinforcements, but their signals were being jammed by the droids. He and his fellow clones went to capture a comm relay station to contact the fleet and succeeded and was able to escape onboard a LAAT/i gunship.[36] Rex contacted Denal who ordered him to make way for reinforcements incoming, which Denal and his men did so. Denal and his battalion then went to destroy a transport factory, after orders from Rex. He decided to go through a hidden pathway through the swamp and arrived at the factory. After activating the factory's self-destruction program, Denal left onboard a LAAT/i.[36]

Rex and his squad were sent to Tatooine to investigate a Separatist base, which was supposedly deserted but to the clones' surprise, had many droids located there. Rex informed Denal about a research base in the desert that supposedly had information on the superweapon. When Rex and his troops arrived, the station was being evacuated and he needed to get the information before the enemies could destroy it.[36] He discovered a message from General Grievous, who stated that the Republic would soon be finished. Denal succeeded in downloading the secret plans and they escaped by calling a gunship to rescue them, but first had to disarm a bomb that was located on it.[36]

It was discovered that the data that Rex and his men retrieved from the research base had information on a new Separatist superweapon and Denal was sent to further investigate on Rodia. He infiltrated a Trade Federation base and stole other important information and then went to Tatooine to investigate a droid encampment and received a transmission from Kenobi about Tano being held in a Separatist prison.[36] He then rescued Tano successfully. Rex was dispatched to the main Separatist base on Orto Plutonia, where the superweapon was being made. Tano helped Rex and Denal infiltrate the base by cutting a way with her lightsaber and Denal created a massive short circuit in the superweapon's mainframe computer, which created a chain reaction, thus destroying the weapon.[36]

There were several smaller missions, including a mission to to rescue the Deyvus, a ship that had sent out a distress call. and a mission to stop an alliance between the Separatists and the Nightsisters.

From Quell to Maridun[]

"You know, I can't figure those villagers not wanting to fight. No pride, I guess."
―Rex on the Lurmen Villagers

The Resolute was sent to Quell with Rex aboard, to rescue Jedi General Aayla Secura and a contingent of the 327th Star Corps.[37] By the time the 501st entered system, they saw that two of the Secura's cruisers went down, leaving only the Liberty. Rex, Skywalker and Tano boarded the ship, crashing into a hole in the ship. They were able to locate Secura, Marshal commander Bly and several troopers, including Lucky, Cameron and Flash. While going to rendezvous with a ship in the bottom hangar, the ship began to implode, killing droids and troopers and injuring Skywalker in the process. They were able to get Skywalker in the ship, but while taking fire, one of the pilots' heads was slammed into the console, which started the hyperdrive.[37]

The ship jumped into hyperspace, almost colliding with a star. They were able to maneuver around it, due to Tano and Bly's piloting skills.[37] However, they were not able to keep from crashing on Maridun. After rescuing everyone from the ship, most of the Tano, Secura, Bly and the three remaining troopers went on a scouting mission, while Rex stayed with the ship and Skywalker. Rex and Skywalker encountered local creatures, Mastiff Phalones, but the two were able to hold them off. Similarly, the scouting unit encountered the creatures too, but they took casualties - Cameron, Lucky and Flash.[37]

Rex and Bly

Bly and Rex firing at Separatist probe droid

Eventually, they found shelter at a Lurmen village, with a Lurmen by the name of Wag Too providing aid to Skywalker.[38] Soon after finding refuge, Separatists arrived to take the land for themselves, being willing to kill any creature in their way. After sneaking the group out, the Lurmen communicated with the Separatists. The Republic force scouted the Separatist base out, witnessing a new super weapon being used on the landscape, not damaging droids but killing all living things.[38] Rex and Bly were on the ground getting a closer look when the weapon fired. While retreating from their position, Bly fired his cable into the tree, where Secura, Tano, and Skywalker were staying. Rex fired his cable, but tripped over a log, falling to the ground. Rex was saved, however at the last possible second.[38] The group planned to take the base and destroy it and take their shuttle after dark. Secura and Tano secured the inside, while Rex, Bly and Skywalker snuck in through the front. They were able to secure the ship, as well as a few shield generators. They discovered that the Separatists planned to destroy the village of Lurmens, so they went back to warn and protect them.[38]

However, the Lurmen stated that they would not fight, nor would they have themselves protected. Bly and Rex began to set up the shields, while some of the more rebellious Lurmens would put pods from trees in front of the camp. When the Separatists arrived, Rex and Bly activated the shields. The group of five exited the shield and began attacking the droids. The Jedi took care of most of the first wave, but as the second wave came, they were overwhelmed, forcing Rex and Bly to fall back into the village. The troopers saw the droids break through the pods and eventually destroy the shield generators.[38] However, the rebellious Lurmens defended their homes and tied each droid up, with Tano slicing each of their heads off. Skywalker destroyed the tank and captured Lott Durd, the Separatist leader there. Shortly thereafter, the Resolute arrived on the planet and with the stolen Neimoidian shuttle, they were able to fly back to the ship.[38]

War on Orto Plutonia[]

After coming back from Maridun, Rex and a contingent of the 501st Legion were deployed to Orto Plutonia in full snow gear, with Skywalker, Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2, and some high ranking Pantoran officials. They werer sent to the planet to investigate the Republic base there that had gone radio silent, under the leadership of Commander Mag.[39][40] When they entered the base, they discovered that all the troopers present had been killed. Senator Riyo Chuchi noted that none of the clones had been killed by blaster shots. They left the officials, C-3PO and R2-D2, along with most of the troopers at the base to clean, while Kenobi, Skywalker and Rex took a few troopers to scout out a Separatist base that the clones at the base had reported before going silent.[39]

Rex Snow Gear

Rex on Orto Plutonia in snow gear.

They were able to get to the Separatist base with no issue, using CK-6 swoop bikes, also known as Freeco bikes. Skywalker and Rex went in one entrance, while Kenobi and trooper went another way, to the command center.[39] They all entered the command center, discovering a holovid of a creature attacking one of the droids. Skywalker and Kenobi decided to investigate, while Rex and the troopers went back to the base.[39]

After the Jedi communed with the creatures, the Talz, was Rex reported to the Generals as soon as they returned that the Pantoran Chairman, Chi Cho, was ready for war. Rex was present while the Generals, the Chairman, and Senator argued about going to war with the Talz, though he kept his opinions to himself. The next morning, they set out to meet with the Talz, but Cho was still blood thirsty.[39] When they arrived, Cho ordered Rex and his men to set up position on a ledge to have cover, but Kenobi contradicted the order, telling Cho that the Talz had been there long than they had. Skywalker then said to order his men not to do anything that may provoke them.[39] Cho provoked Talz Chieftain Thi-Sen, stating that there would be war. Kenobi, Skywalker and 3PO went back to the base, while Rex protected the Chairman with the 501st and his two guards.[39]

While protecting the Chairman, the Talz came from nowhere and began attacking his men, killing several with their giant clubs as they drove by. They pressed on best they could, taking out as many Talz as possible. While witnessing the death of one of his men, a Talz and it's Narglatch creature, jumped onto his bike.[39] Rex ejected out of his bike, running after it and killing the two. He kicked his bike over for cover and began ordering his men to form a defensive perimeter. While in the perimeter, both of the Chairman's guards were killed and he was stabbed in the back. A majority of clones were also killed or wounded. Rex ordered a retreat, slinging the Chairman over the front of his BARC speeder. He met up with the troopers that had kept going before Rex jumped out, with two in the lead.[39] Before going over an ice bridge, it collapsed, causing the two lead troopers to crash and die. Seeing their deaths, Rex braked hard and ordered the survivors to do the same, making a last stand at the edge of the canyon.[39] He and his three troopers, equipped with only two DC-17 hand blasters, two DC-15S blaster carbines and a single DC-15A blaster rifle, held their ground. Skywalker, Kenobi, Chuchi and several troopers landed in beside them to provide support. Both sides halted, holding even ground.[39] Chuchi spoke to the Chairman, who would die moments later, then would go on to negotiate with Thi-Sen, along with C-3PO, who acted as a translator.[39] The three were able to sort everything out peacefully, with both sides leaving with no more casualties. By the end of the battle, there were at least 11 dead clone troopers and the rest wounded, Rex included.[39]

Virus Outbreak on Naboo[]

Rex was sent to Naboo with members of the 501st, after the discovery of the Blue Shadow Virus being resurrected by Dr. Nuvo Vindi. Three teams entered the facility at the same time. Rex and Tano led a squad known as Wildfire, while Kenobi led Snow Wolves and Skywalker led Calm Tree. The squad of troopers went through the corridor they came through, losing two of Wildfire's members. While holding out, Kenobi cut through above them, crashing onto a pair of Destroyer Droids and a Super Battle Droid.[41] Kenobi and the Snow Wolves, which included the Bomb Squad, rendezvoused with Rex, Tano and the two remaining members of Wildfire. Skywalker and Calm Tree went to rescue Senator Padme Amidala and Jar Jar Binks, where they were forced to lay down their arms. However, Skywalker and the squad took out the droids with most of their bare hands, save for Skywalker, who used the force to summon his lightsaber.[41] Vindi would escape with several vials of the Blue Shadow Virus, but tossed them at Skywalker and Kenobi as a diversion so he could escape. Unfortunately, his plan failed and he was captured and taken to be held at Theed.[41]

Rex in lab

Rex and Wildfire fighting Destroyer Droids.

Vindi's servant droid, LEP-86C8, had taken a bomb and a vial. After the bomb squad had disarmed all of the bombs that simply would have destroyed the compound, Amidala revealed that she saw the servant droid take the bomb and vial. The bomb was disarmed, but the vial was taken to the bomb room, where he inserted it and causing it to explode, killing the two troopers in the bomb room on patrol.[42] The virus had been exposed in the compound. After becoming aware of the exposure, Tano, Rex, the remainder of Wildfire, Snow Wolves and Calm Tree running to the Safe Room. However, before the door was able to close, a small portion of the virus got in and started killing the clones.[42] Amidala and Binks had found protective suits and went with the Bomb Squad to rendezvous with the remaining units. Rex and the remaining five troopers would assist Tano and Amidala with destroying the remaining droids who were trying to break out and expose Naboo to the virus.[42] After taking the droids out, the group returned to the Safe Room, minus one of the troopers, who had been killed by droid fire. Amidala had become exposed to the disease by this point, due to Binks' stupidity.[42] While waiting for Kenobi and Skywalker to return with the cure, they waited in the safe room, where another trooper died due to the plague.[42] Eventually Skywalker and Kenobi returned with the cure, escorting Tano, Amidala, Rex and the remaining three troopers to receive medical care. While in passing, Kenobi is speaking to Binks about receiving blaster training. Rex stops his medical droid briefly enough, stating that he will not be training Binks in a cold fashion.[42]

Ryloth and Bephour[]

Rex save some for us

Rex and his men ready to fight

After the loss of an entire Company, under the command of Keeli and Jedi General Ima-Gun-Di, Rex and the 501st Legion were sent to Ryloth to help liberate the imprisoned population. Rex stayed aboard the Resolute, while Tano led Blue Squadron to take out the Separatist Blockade. Before ordering the squadron to retreat, two members of Blue Squadron were killed - Slammer and Tucker.[43] When Admiral Wulff Yularen ordered them to retreat, Tano disobeyed, but they eventually did so, losing Axe in the process. Skywalker and Tano argued, while Yularen was injured in the medical bay. Tano would go to visit Yularen, where Rex would meet her, by orders of Skywalker. When Rex and Tano entered the hangar bay, where Skywalker called them, Skywalker began speaking to the entire crew of troopers, organizing a new plan.[43] Skywalker took the damaged ship, the Defender, and planned to run it into the Blockade Ship. Rex, Tano and an officer planned their next move, eventually coming to the conclusion of using the Marg Sabl tactic.[43] Tano took out a few squadrons of fighters, while Skywalker rammed the cruiser into the Blockade Ship. The blockade was then broken, with the 212th Attack Battalion and the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps coming in a fleet shortly thereafter.[43]


Rex and Sergeant Boomer being held captive by bounty hunter Cad Bane

After the 91st and 212th freed the Twi'leks from their imprisoned state, the 501st remained on planet, with the 212th staying aboard the space station, Juma-9.[44]

Rex, Sergeants Boomer and Kano and several rookies were sent to the city of Lessu with the 501st Legion.[44] After clearing the main field, Kano went on a clearing mission in the city and later that night, Boomer and Rex went a routine scouting mission on AT-RTs. On the mission, they took out several battle droids. The two saw a dark figure run off into the dark.[44] The two chased them, only to be captured by the bounty hunter, Cad Bane, the mysterious dark figure. Bane ordered Rex and Boomer to defend his gravity weapon, so he would not blow them up. The two were successful. Boomer and Rex were rescued by Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.[44] The two would exact their ironic revenge on Bane, putting him in cuffs. Boomer, Rex, Tano, and Skywalker would be ambushed by Skakoan bounty hunter, Kul Teska. Teska created the gravity weapon and was angry with Bane.[44] Skywalker and Tano fought with him, but were at a disadvantage until Boomer and Rex showed up and intervened. Teska took the gravity weapon and Bane's ship, as well as Bane himself.[44]

Behpour aftermath

Rex and the group discuss their victory on Behpour

Rex, Tano, and Skywalker would go to to Behpour, along with Kenobi, Cody, Jedi General Mace Windu and Commander Ponds and a large contingent of troopers.[44] While Skywalker and Tano went to rescue Amidala, who had once again been captured, and Kenobi and Windu went to face Count Dooku, Rex, Cody and Ponds fought through several battle droids to secure a landing pad for the Twilight. They eventually made it through, holding the landing pad until Dooku arrived and force pushed all the troopers into the ship. Windu and Kenobi fought and defeated Dooku, but he managed to retreat.[44] The Jedi remained with the clones, until Skywalker and Tano returned with Amidala. The ship lifted off, as the landing pad began to fall apart.[44] Rex would later discuss the victory of the planet with Skywalker, Amidala, Kenobi, Tano and Cody onboard the Twilight.

Felucia and Devaron[]

"Check your fire! Hit one of those shells and this fight is over for all of us."

After a Separatist contingent took over Felucia, the Republic was sent in to eliminate them. Led by Skywalker and Kenobi, the 212th Attack Battalion and the 501st Legion were pushed back to a rally point, where several AT-TE's were in a blockading position.[45] The Separatists surrounded the Republic, but Tano and small unit consisting of two AT-TEs and a HAVw A6 Juggernaut managed to remain outside of the blockade. They were holding the droids and attempting to push them back. However, Skywalker and Kenobi saw through that guise, ordering them to prepare to retreat. The two Jedi rallied their remaining forces and prepared for pickup, as the 104th Battalion and the Wolfpack were in route.[45] Rex ordered his men to board the gunships and joined them soon after, alongside Cody. The Jedi picked Tano and the few surviving clones up and took off. Before leaving atmosphere, they saw the destruction of the HAVw A6 Juggernaut. Tano would be reprimanded for her actions.[45]

Shortly thereafter, the Jedi Temple was broken into by Bounty Hunter Cad Bane, who stole a holocron. Skywalker and Tano were tasked with locating Bane and the holocron. Bane was tracked to Devaron, where Jedi General Bolla Ropal and his battalion were stationed.[46] Skywalker and Tano took Rex and the 501st and tracked him down. They were able to destroy several Separatist cruisers, and board the one they discovered Bane aboard. Rex went with Skywalker, Tano and Denal in one unit, while he ordered Execute Battalion and Carnivore Battalion to take ATAT300 and Walker 773. They were able to take the bridge with their entire force, followed by the search Ropal. After discovering his corpse in a cell, Rex ordered a few of his men to take his body back to the Resolute. The rest of the force followed Skywalker as they searched the ship for Bane and the holocron.[46]

While searching in the darkness, Rex hit his head on a pipe, where he then ordered his men to switch to night vision. Skywalker spotted Bane and they chased after him. Rex, Skywalker, Tano and a squad of troopers entered the hangar of the ship, where they confronted several battle droids, B1 and Super Battle droids.[46] The troopers, Rex included, engaged the battle droids. Bane mostly fought the Jedi, although, he did kill at least two troopers and attempting to kill a third.[46] While Skywalker chased Bane, a droid tripped over another droid's head, and upon falling, he fired a shot into a proton bomb, which detonated, destroying the rest of the droids. Luckily, Rex, Denal, R2-D2 and a few other troopers managed to avoid the falling debris.[46] Skywalker ordered Rex and his men to rendezvous in the hangar with the rest of Execute and Carnivore Battalions.


Rex and his men defending the shuttle.

Once Rex and his men reached the hangar, they fought for every inch of ground until they reached and reprimanded the Neimoidian shuttle.[46] However, before they took it over, Rex ordered Denal and Koho to go assist the General and Commander. Meanwhile, Rex made sure his remaining men boarded the shuttle. Shortly thereafter, Skywalker and Tano boarded the shuttle, as did Denal.[46]

In the aftermath of the battle, once the shuttle landed in the hangar, Some of his men went to get some food, while Rex and another trooper investigated some green blood on the shuttle's floor. They knew that it was not clones' blood. It was soon discovered that Denal was killed and Bane stole his armor.[47] Bane escaped shortly thereafter, much to their dismay.[47]

The Zillo Beast of Malastare[]

Rex: "Sir, looks like the General's up to something"
Mace Windu: "What is Skywalker doing?"
Obi-Wan Kenobi: "It appears to be one of Anakin's improvised plans."
Mace Windu: "How can it be a plan if it's improvised?"
Obi-Wan Kenobi: "Not to worry. Just catch them when they fall."
Rex: "A lot of the General's plans involve falling."
—Rex, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu discussing Anakin Skywalker's plan

When the Confederacy initiated a conquest of the planet Malastare, Rex accompanied Skywalker, Windu and Commander Ponds to oversee the Republic's defense of the beleaguered planet. The 501st Legion and the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps were defending the Dug's fuel reserves, a trait that the Republic was hoping to harvest. Rex led the assault on the ground with his men, taking out as many droids as possible before Red Squadron dropped the Electro-proton bomb.[48] After the Squadron dropped the bomb, it shorted out all electronics in range. The clones and Dugs celebrated their victory, but only for a very short moment, when the ground began to sink. The Dugs and clones sprinted for their lives, while troopers within the All Terrain Tactical Enforcers fell into the crater as they could not escape in time. Rex almost fell in the hole, but a trooper of his assisted him. Rex and two troopers sat right in front of the crater in awe.[48]

It was discovered a creature known as the Zillo Beast was living underground in the crater. They were able to knock the creature out of consciousness and take it to Coruscant, despite Windu's arguments. While on Coruscant, the Republic Scientist Sionver Boll was studying the creature. The Zillo Beast escaped and killed several civilians and clone troopers. Rex, Windu and Kenobi stayed on the ground and watched several events go forward. Rex witnessed the death of the Zillo Beast.[49]

Second Battle of Geonosis[]

Point Rain[]

"This is Captain Rex, 501st recon mission to Geonosis. Upon arrival in orbit we were unable to establish any communication with the clones on the surface. A preliminary scan indicated massive construction in both the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet. There appear to be several droid factories which are already operational, and many more in the final phases of construction. This goes far beyond a simple revolt, we are looking at a full scale invasion of the planet if we want to take it back. I shall provide a further break down of the planet's defenses that we scanned when my mission is complete. Rex out."
―Rex giving a status update.

In late 22 BBY, the Republic learned that Poggle the Lesser, Archduke of Geonosis, was overseeing the reconstruction of the droid foundry on the planet.[50] Despite the Republic's capture of the planet during the First Battle of Geonosis. In response to this, Rex took a detachment of the 501st to reconnoiter for the forthcoming assault. While on his mission, Rex and his detachment discovered that the Geonosians had not built just one, but several foundries.[51] Rex returned and boarded the Resolute, along with Kenobi, Cody, Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi and Commander Jet. Jedi General Luminara Unduli was present via hologram. Right before entering the planet's atmosphere, Skywalker and Tano returned to the ship, after re-routing some Separatists from Dorin.[52] As the Republic entered the atmosphere, the Republic's high command - Skywalker, Tano, Kenobi, Mundi, Unduli, Rex, Cody, Jet, as well as Jedi Generals Yoda and Mace Windu and Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine - conversed about their best strategies. Cody briefed them all on the plan; to land at the staging area, known as Point Rain, before launching their assault on the Ray Shield Fortress.[52]

While Mundi and Jet would oversee the advanced from the North, Kenobi and Cody would execute the central push , and Rex, Skywalker, and Tano would lead their assault from the South. All three teams would rendezvous at Point Rain and then begin their assault on the Fortress.[52] Once deployed however, both the 501st and Jet's unit were shot down, which resulted in the deaths of several troopers. The 212th, however, managed to land at Point Rain unscathed.[52]

The 501st continued pushing on, until they got a brief break. While moving towards Point Rain, they came across a wall, which was embedded with several turret emplacements. While taking cover, two troopers of the 501st were gunned down, as were a few others shortly thereafter. Rex and Skywalker then discuss a plan, which is for Rex and the contingent to cover Skywalker and Tano while they scale the wall from the side and destroy the wall. However, once they arrive on the top, they are attacked by Droidekas on both sides. Rex joins them on top and is able to take out one of the Droidekas.[52] Once they are able toss the explosives into the wall, Skywalker force Rex over the edge, followed by Skywalker and Tano. The two reached the ground first and were able to catch Rex using the force. Rex was uninjured but he wished they had asked him to jump rather than use the force on him. The 501st moved on from that point, shortly thereafter meeting up with Jet's unit, where they regrouped and joined the 212th at Point Rain.[52]

The three groups then went on with their original plan of storming the Ray Shield Fortress. Jet's unit stayed atop of a mountain and scouted it out and gave the call to the 501st, giving them the orders to storm the fortress. Losing only around six men in the process before taking cover, the 501st launched several EMP grenades which shorted out their targeting systems. The 501st ordered the AT-TEs on the 212th to come in and open fire, destroying their turrets and ray shields. From there, Jet's unit flew in via LAATs and the battlegroup captured the surviving Geonosians who had surrendered.[52] The 212th and Jet's unit took the hardest hits of all, so they were airlifted off planet, save for a few of Jet's men, who stayed and assisted the 501st.[53]

Attack on the Foundry[]

Anakin Skywalker: "Rex! Tell the men to fall back!"
Rex: "But, sir, you can't be asking us to turn tail and run!"
Anakin Skywalker: "I'm not asking you to run, Rex. I want to draw those tanks out onto the bridge."
—Rex and Skywalker during the assault of Poggle the Lesser's main droid foundry

Shortly after destroying the fortress, Rex, Skywalker, Tano and few other troopers of the 501st located the main foundry, where they called the rest of their forces to rendezvous with them. The 501st and few members of Jet's unit remaining on planet were briefed by Tano, who was interrupted by Skywalker several times. Shortly before the battle to come, the 41st Elite Corps arrived on planet, where Unduli and Commander Barris Offee joined with Skywalker and Tano. Rex and Commander Gree prepared by checking their weapons and getting the rest of their forces ready. While Tano and Offee were sent to catacombs of the foundry, Unduli, Skywalker, Rex and Gree distracted the Separatist droids. During the battle, several 501st and 41st members were gunned down. The two units, however, were able to destroy the first wave of battle droids, which were followed by Separatist tanks.[53]


Rex ordering the heavy cannons to fire on the tanks.

Skywalker ordered everyone to get down, as the tanks were uninjured from their Heavy Cannon shots. While getting down, the tanks began to open fire, which destroyed their cannons. Luckily the gunners had managed to escape their posts before their vehicles were devastated. Under tank fire, the two units suffered heavy losses, including two AT-TEs. Skywalker then ordered the units to fall back, so he and Unduli were able to draw the tanks out and destroy the bridge. While falling back, they suffered fewer losses luckily, with Skywalker and Unduli being able to destroy the bridge and the tanks alongside them. Meanwhile Tano and Offee were able to destroy the foundry itself, with them still inside. However, they were within one of the Super Tanks, which enabled their survival. The foundry collapsed, which in turn started a sand storm. Gree ordered their men to get down and take cover. Once the storm succeeded, Rex and Gree got his men to begin clearing debris in search for Tano and Offee.[53] With luck, they were found. Offee and Tano were taken to one of the ships to rest afterwards, while Rex remained on planet with Unduli and Skywalker. Kenobi and Mundi had also come to the planet shortly after the foundry's destruction, alongside Cody and a unit of the 212th.[54]

Capture of Poggle the Lesser[]

Shortly after the battle was over, Poggle the Lesser was sent to the Resolute, accompanied by Rex, Skywalker, Unduli, Mundi and Kenobi. Tano and Offee were tasked with taking medical supplies to the 187th Legion and 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps on the planet of Dantooine.[55] However, in route, Tano and Offee realized that Tango Company, the company of clones escorting them, had become infected with a Geonosian brain worm. Because of this, the Resolute, and subsequently Rex, lost contact with the Medical frigate.[56] Rex eventually got back in contact with her and they were able to warn Kit Fisto, who was ready to receive the supplies.

Escapades on Saleucami[]

Rex: "What weapons do you have? We can catch them in a crossfire. You take that corner."
Cut: "No Captain, with respect, you're not in charge here."
Rex: "I can be useful."
Cut: "You're injured. You have one good arm."
Rex: "I can fight!"
Cut: "So can I! Rex, I need you to be the last line of defense for my family."
"*Sigh* I'll take care of them."
―Rex and Cut

After the war entered it's second year,[57] the Jedi Order learned of the capture of Jedi General Eeth Koth, which also resulted in the deaths of several Horn Company troopers, Skywalker, Kenobi and Jedi General Adi Gallia volunteered to go rescue their friend. Their secondary objective was to capture General Grievous, who was holding him captive. Kenobi mounted the distraction with four light-class cruisers and two escort-class cruisers. They were able to draw Grievous out long enough for Skywalker, Gallia, Rex and a small unit of the 501st to board the Separatist ship.[58]

Rex stayed put with the rest of the 501st unit, while Gallia and Skywalker rescued Koth. Once they rescued Koth, Rex and another trooper assisted him into the shuttle, where they then proceeded to the Separatist hangar, to pick up Gallia, who had split off from Skywalker, Kenobi, Cody and another trooper, who had all boarded from one of the light-cruisers that had been destroyed.[58]

From there, Kenobi decided he, Rex and Cody were going to Saleucami, the planet below, to capture Grievous, as he and a contingent of droids were forced to escape to the planet. The three located a Separatist ship that had crashed, recently, as the engines were still warm. Rex took Hardcase, Jesse and Kix to go scouting. While scouting, Rex was shot in the chest by a commando droid equipped with a sniper rifle.[59]


Kix checking on Rex after he was shot in the chest.

While unconscious, Hardcase, Jesse and Kix located a nearby farm, where they were able to patch him up. Once he woke up, he realized he could not move his arm. Kix, the medic, informed him that he had some nerve damage and he needed to remain at the farm and rest, while the three would go to scout for Grievous' location.[59] Rex was left at the farm, with a female Twi'lek by the name of Suu and her two children Shaeeah and Jek. Once her husband arrived at home, he investigated the barn, where Rex was staying. Rex drew his weapon, but her husband tossed it away. He then turned the lights on, revealing he was a former clone trooper. Rex ordered him for his number and rank. The former trooper revealed himself as Cut Lawquane.[59]

Cut invited Rex in for dinner, where they would hold a deep conversation about duty. Rex accused him of being a coward and a deserter. Cut responded that he would do anything to keep his family safe. Shortly after their argument, the two kids went out to play in the fields, where they discovered an escape pod. They accidentally activated the droids inside the pod, revealing them to commando droids. The two children ran back to their house, screaming in terror. Rex, Cut and Suu rushed to door to see what was wrong, where Cut grabbed his macrobinoculars. He spotted the commando droids and turned out all the lights in his home.[59]

Cut ordered Rex to take Suu and the kids upstairs and keep them safe, while he held the droids off downstairs. Cut managed to take out six droids before he was pinned by a beam in his home. He informed Rex they were coming for him next. Rex took two out, while Cut managed to get unstuck and destroy two more droids with the table that had been split in half. Cut punched another droid in the face, who then grabbed his. Upstairs, Rex shot the final droid, which shot the floor beneath him, sending him crashing to the floor below. The remaining commando droid grabbed Rex's throat, but Cut managed to grab Rex's pistol, which he dropped in the fall, dispatching the final droid with a headshot.[59]

The next morning, Rex borrowed an Eopie, gathered his armor and put it on. Suu asked if Rex was going to turn Cut in to the Republic for deserting. He answered that it was his duty, but that in his condition, he probably would not remember much of what happened. Rex then looked to Cut, telling him that he may have been a deserter, but he certainly was not a coward. Kenobi radioed to Rex, asking if he was still with them, which he informed him that he "missed the party". Rex told him not to worry, he attended one already. Rex rode the Eopie off to rendezvous with the 501st and 212th.[59]

Mandalorian Escort[]

Rex, Cody and the 501st were called by Kenobi to escort Dutchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore, her aide Tal Merrik and her entourage of Republic Senators including Orn Free Taa, Onaconda Farr and Kin Robb. Skywalker and Kenobi stayed with the Senators and Dutchess, while Rex, Cody, R2-D2 and a unit of the 501st were stationed in the cargo bay, so they could locate any Separatist droids. While patrolling, Mixer and Redeye - two troopers of the 501st - were with R2 searching, but R2 strolled off. After that, Redeye turned around and was impaled by a Separatist assassin probe and carried away. Mixer, while investigating and searching, was impaled in the neck by the probe. Rex informed Skywalker that the two did not report in, which led Skywalker to join Rex, Cody and R2 in the cargo bay searching for the two troopers. Skywalker and R2 located the body of Redeye, which appeared to moving. Skywalker sensed something amiss, which the probe caught onto, tossing Redeye's corpse across the room at Skywalker.[60]

Skywalker fought the droid off until it tossed two crates at him, knocking him off balance. The droid reared it's legs preparing to attack when it was met with a fury of blaster fire from Rex, Cody and two additional troopers. They destroyed the first probe without incident. Once assisting Skywalker, Rex and the others heard a noise behind them; a probe went up through the elevator shaft, which led them to warn Kenobi. He was able to dispatch the droid with minimal incident. Meanwhile, back in the cargo bay, miniaturized size probes began to climb out of the probe and swarm the group of six. Skywalker ordered Rex, Cody, R2 and the troopers to get behind him. However, one of his troopers did not manage to do so in time and was overwhelmed by the droids.[60]

R2 was able to use his taser tool and short circuit many of them. The rest of the group survived the encounter. Cody and Rex split off, as did Skywalker and R2, searching for the final probe. While searching Cody discovered Mixer's helmet. He inspected it to discover a small probe was insider, which resulted in it jumping out and attacking the two. R2 was able to rescue Cody and Rex from the probe. Skywalker joined the three and they were coordinating their intel. Rex saw the final droid, which tackled him, knocking him several feet away, and prepared to impale him with it's legs. However, Rex caught the legs before they could kill him. He kicked it off of him, giving him enough time to get up. The droid began to climb the wall, followed by shots from Cody and Rex. Skywalker tossed his saber at it, tearing through it's legs, forcing it to fall to the ground. With it on the ground, Rex jumped onto the probe and began firing into the head of the probe, destroying the probe and miniature probes inside.[60]

Shortly after taking the probes out, Kenobi exposed Merrik as a traitor, which led him to take the Dutchess hostage. Shortly afterwards, Merrik maneuvered his way to the bridge, where he killed four Senate Commandos and the ship's captain, Grey. He called Pre Visla, which had Super Battle Droids sent to the ship, which boarded and attacked the Journeyman Protectors and clones stationed on the ship. Rex and his men were holding them off, losing two troopers in the process. Suddenly Skywalker jumped in and attacked several of the Super Battle Droids and destroyed all of them, save for the two the Protectors took out. Skywalker would then proceed to sneak up on Merrik and kill him. Rex, Cody and the troopers were then successful in protecting the Dutchess upon her arrival on Coruscant.[60]

Freeing Kothlis[]

After the escort mission, Rex was deployed to Kothlis. Rex acted as Tano's gunner in the Y-Wing fighter she was controlling. The two fired upon their target, a Lucrehulk-class Droid Control Ship. Rex then regarded the ship's destruction as a beautiful sight. From there, the Republic forced the Separatists to flee the Kothlis system.[61]

Mission to Taloraan[]

Once they completed their mission on Kothlis, Rex and the 501st were deployed to the planet of Taloraan. However, the plan was for the Jedi to negotiate for Tibanna gas, the Denfrandi Magister Orlin Denache had secretly forged an alliance with the Separatists. He released battle droids on the Jedi and the clones. While Admiral Wulff Yularen was dealing with a Separatist navy battle, he deployed Rex and a detachment of the 501st to the planet surface to assist the Jedi. Luckily the firefight was ceased by Sech Govlinder, Denache's emmisary, who managed to rally the rest of the people and destroy the Separatist droids with the clone's assistance. The Jedi established an accord to abate hostilities between the Denfrandi and their rival tribe, the Wind Raiders, thanks to Tano's personal involvement, despite thinking the diplomacy was boring. When Rex asked Tano if she had changed her mind about her disregard for diplomacy, she replied that she had indeed due to her firsthand experience in the field.[61]

Defense of Kamino[]

Rex: "With all due respect, General, if someone comes to our home, they better be carrying a big blaster."
Cody: "I concur with Captain Rex, sir. This is personal for us clones."
Anakin Skywalker: "We'll make sure Kamino is secure. Tell your troopers in the 501st they're going home."
—Rex, Cody and Anakin Skywalker

The Republic intercepted a transmission, mere months after their last attempt to capture the Rishi moon outpost,[4] between Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress and General Grievous, who were plotting to invade Kamino and attack the clone's home and steal the prime clone genome. With this second attempt on Kamino, Rex and Cody both felt that it was very personal for them, as clones. Rex then met with Echo and Fives in the hangar, unloading supplies from a gunship. The two were complaining about, given their lengthy service, not being promoted to the rank of Advanced Recon Commando. Rex, in rebuke, told them they would earn the promotion, once they need not ask for it.[62]

Battle of Kamino

Echo, Fives, Cody and Rex defending the barracks.

The 501st, alongside Cody, landed on Kamino, rendezvousing with Rancor Battalion and fighting with them in the coming battle. The Separatists entered the atmosphere, being met with Kamino's fleet of the Republic Navy, along with Skywalker and the Shadow Squadron.[6] The Naval forces kept shooting down Separatist cruisers, sending the debris falling to the planet's vast oceans, as Rex and Cody watched from the command center. Little did they know, that the debris housed Separatist Aqua-droids and once they landed on planet, they began assembling assault craft.[6]

Once the Aqua-droids began invading, the clones on the surface joined the battle. During the ground battle, the Jedi Generals went to defend the genome. Echo and Fives held a sniping position until 99 and the Clone Youth Brigade assisted them. From there, they went to the barracks, where Rex and Cody met up with them.[6]

99 led Cody and Rex to the armory, where the armed themselves with rifles, carbines and thermal detonators, as well as the Youth Brigade. The group fought against the droids, drawing them off of the genome. They trapped the droids in an ambush, destroying them. However, running low on ammunition, 99 made a run for the armory, but was shot in the crossfire.[6] They finished the fight and mourned the death of their comrade.[6] After the battle, Rex and Cody pulled Echo and Fives aside and promoted them to the rank of ARC troopers.[6]

Bloodshed and rescues[]

When the Resolute was scheduled to undergo refits, Rex, Torrent Company, Tano, Kenobi, Skywalker and Yularen all transferred to the Indomitable temporarily. Presently, the Jedi and their fleet - including their new ship, Pioneer and Coruscant Sky - received intelligence from the Grand Army's Special Operations Brigade that General Grievous was planning on seizing Kothlis and it's Bothan Spynet facility. While the group were in the Indomitable's mess hall, Rex, Sergeant Coric and Checkers were joined by Tano, who reported that the fleet was heading to mount a defense of Kothlis. Rex learned from Tano that a ground assault on the planet was possible; if the Separatists had already begun to invade Kothlis, Kenobi and Tano would be leading the counter on the ground, while Skywalker would lead the space battle. The captain then put his men on standby and had them begin preparations for the imminent battle. When the three ships arrived at the planet, they found that Grievous had already begun to beleaguer the undefended planet. The Jedi additionally discovered that Grievous was employing a computer virus to jam all of the Republic's comm channels, terminating the ship-to-ship communications.[63]

Skywalker reunited with Rex, Tano, and their men waiting in their barracks and informed them of the Separatists' comm jammer. Although Rex was concerned with the news, Skywalker remarked it was possible to get the comms restored quickly; if necessary reinforcements could be requested. Before proceeding to the Gunship hangar with Tano and Torrent Company, Rex wished his general good hunting. Once Skywalker and his Gold Squadron pilots had initiated the space battle against Grevious, Rex and Tano were joined by Kenobi in their gunship and led the assault force's launch from the fleet. En route to the surface of Kothlis, Rex spared his men a few last-minute words of preparation. After landing, Kenobi ordered Rex and Tano into the fray while he led the assault on the Separatist-claimed Spynet facility. Rex, Tano, and Torrent Company engaged the entrenched droid infantry forces in the central plaza of Kothlis' capital, Tal'cara, battling super battle droids, droidekas, and STAP-mounted droids. However, with only one Gunship as back-up, Torrent Company took heavy losses.[63]

Rex, who was among the wounded, managed to take a few wounds in the right arm and the chest. After the fight had reached a temporary standstill, Rex was ordered to retreat and attempt to contact Admiral Yularen. Tano, on the other hand, left to rendevous with Kenobi once again, while Rex, who was barely conscious, looked over his wounded men.[63] Following the battle, Rex, Coric, and the others sent for treatment at the Republic's Kaliida Shoals Medical Center,[63] one of the Republic Sector Armies' twenty Haven-class medical stations. Tano opted to be treated alongside them to keep their morale up.[63]

Although the Kaminoan doctors quickly healed Tano's injuries, Rex, Coric, and several others had to undergo bacta treatment and received their own bacta tanks. Rex and Coric were among those who made full recoveries, though the Kaminoans did not have as much success with some of the other troopers. Eventually, Rex, Coric, Checkers, and the other survivors were discharged and returned to Coruscant's GAR clone barracks on furlough to rest up before their next assignment.[64] Rex and Coric, while on bedrest, would receive several visits from Tano. Tano expressed concern for Skywalker as he had been put in danger on a mission. The two attempted to cheer her up. Since they had not yet received their next orders, Rex only intended to take a few days of recuperation before resuming Torrent Company's training. Their next deployment came within a few days, a day after the Separatists launched a devastating bioweapon attack on the planet Chandrila. Although GAR command did not inform him of their destination, Rex learned about their complete assignment from Tano, who was to accompany them on their mission.[64]

Torrent Company was then deployed to the Battle of Lanteeb, where Skywalker and Kenobi had been trapped, due to Separatist General Lok Durd. Admiral Yularen was given command of the armada bound for Lanteeb, and Rex, Tano, and Torrent Company joined him aboard Indomitable, which had undergone repairs following the recapture of Kothlis. While Yularen oversaw the battle group's efforts to liberate Lanteeb from Separatist control, Rex joined Windu and Tano in leading the 501st and another Grand Army unit, the 95th, to the Lanteeban city Torbel, where Skywalker, Kenobi, and Damsin were desperately defending the local populace from Durd's droid army. The 501st and 95th took a squadron of thirty gunships to Torbel, with pilot Jinx transporting Rex and Tano. Once they arrived in Torbel, Rex, Coric, and Checkers joined their comrades in cutting through the battle droids; the Separatist detachment was defeated in under an hour.[64]

At the time of the assault, the sun began to set, which led to Rex activating the floodlights of the LAAT's to be positioned around the village square for additional lighting.[64] The battle had reduced the village to rubble, which led the Republic to grant refugee status to the civilians. Rex and a medical escort shuttled Tano, an extremely injured Skywalker, Kenobi, and Jedi General Taria Damsin to the Indomitable for proper medical treatment.[64] Rex and Tano would then be entrusted with the responsibility of looking over the remaining operations on Lanteeb.[64]

Wartime Assignments[]

When a group of clone troopers, having just pilfered the coordinates for the Separatist hypermatter generators, crashed on the Hutt Space world Asuin, Rex, Skywalker, and Kenobi were tasked with rescuing the clone squad before the Confederacy could recover the intelligence. Rex secured the location of the squad's escape pod, with Kenobi and Skywalker deployed to secure them. While battling the Separatists, Rex made contact with his Jedi Generals and reported that battle droid reinforcements led by Asajj Ventress were heading for their position. Skywalker and Kenobi managed to rescue the sole surviving trooper of the crash, but Ventress then confronted them. Although she destroyed J-3PO, the protocol droid containing the hypermatter generator coordinates, Skywalker and Kenobi were able to escape from the battlefield.[65]

The Separatists would deploy an advanced tank known as the Bogg Behemoth to the planet Maken Te, following the planet's rejoining of the Republic. Rex was dispatched to the planet alongside several HAVw A6 Juggernaught tanks and clone commandos. However, despite this, he was skeptical due to the nature of their mission, which was to capture it.[66] Because intelligence alleged that the Bogg Behemoth was still undergoing final testing, Kenobi mobilized their forces in a preliminary strike before the tank came online. When Rex led his men against the Bogg Behemoth, their intelligence proved to be faulty—the tank, already functional, began to launch scores of missiles at the clone soldiers.[66] Skywalker and Kenobi infiltrated the tank and forced its Geonosian operator, Bogg, to deactivate the vehicle and its defenses. Despite the clones' capture of the Bogg Behemoth, Kenobi chose to destroy it, as he simply did not believe that the Republic could adapt such destructive weapons for proper ethical use.[66]

On another mission, Rex would be deployed alongside Kenobi and Cody and a company of the 212th to claim Bogoa, which possessed specific materials that would be invaluable to both the Separatists and the Republic. Rex remained alongside Kenobi at the staging area for the majority of the battle, while Cody was in the field. Cody found a droid in the field that was crucial to the victory, which led to a Republic victory.[67]

Joining the Rebellion[]


Rex survived the Clone Wars and the Republic's transformation into the Galactic Empire. Following the Clone Wars, Rex was living with Commander Wolffe and Captain Gregor in a modified AT-TE on the desert planet of Seelos.[18][19] Several years prior to the Battle of Yavin, Rex and his comrades encountered a group of rebels that included the Jedi Purge survivor Kanan Jarrus and his apprentice Ezra Bridger. The crew of the Ghost had been sent by Rex's old ally, Padawan Ahsoka Tano, to obtain information on abandoned bases that the growing Rebel network could use in their fight against the Empire. Rex later joined the rebels.

Armor and Equipment[]

Rex was normally armed with two DC-17 blaster pistols. He had armor with blue markings, since he was part of the 501st Legion. He had tally marks on his helmet and wrists, and had Jaig Eyes on his helmet, which was only given to the bravest of warriors. He wore a kama with a pauldron, due to his rank as captain. His armor was very battle used, representing his time on the battlefield. He also bore a jetpack on special occasions, such as the Battles of Quell, Skytop Tower, Behpour and Christophsis.

Personality and Traits[]

Rex, like Jango Fett and all clone troopers, possessed the same physical traits, such as the height of 1.83 meters, black hair and brown eyes.[20] Rex, however, shaved his hair and colored it yellow,[3] and even blue at one point,[32] to show distinction amongst his identical brothers. From the start, Rex inhabited commanding traits, which is why he was cast for ARC Captain Alpha-17's training program.[20] He is described as gruff, no-nonsense[68] and tough as carbonite nails.[69] Rex was dedicated to his men and put them first above all, including the mission.[10]

Rex never shared the story of how he received his name.[70] Rex also helped make up a majority of the Imperial codes.[71] He also loved tactics and maneuvers, such as the Sword and Shield maneuver.[72] He even created a strategical algorithm that he only shared with Echo, Fives and Cody.

Behind the Scenes[]

Rex has been designated as CC-7567 for all material of the Clone Wars released[70][68] before his name was officially mentioned in "Darkness on Umbara" as CT-7567.[10] Alpha-17 was originally supposed to be the main clone protagonist throughout the Clone Wars TV series, but due to alliteration of three other characters (Anakin, Ahsoka, Artoo, Alpha), they made the character of Rex.


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