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Republic mining outpost


Asteroid field near Mirial[1]

Areas within:

Hangar bay[1]
Operations enter[1]


Clone Wars

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A mining outpost in an asteroid field near the planet Mirial was utilized by the Republic during the Clone Wars. It collected tibanna gas as a hyperdrive coolant and quickly became essential to the war effort.[1]


Around 22 BBY,[note 1] the outpost was managed by Ugnaughts Foreman Fivvle and his son, Ars Fivvle. The latter collected recordings of the process for his personal journal. The installation was visited by Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, accompanied by Commander Cody. It came under attack by Asajj Ventress, who had been assigned by Count Dooku to cripple the Republic's tibanna gas production.[1]



The hangar bay

The outpost had a shielded hangar bay where ships could land. There was also a large operations center where the beldons were held and fed nutrients. Tibanna was excreted into the air. The walls of the facility were formed by the asteroid's structure, and the whole facility resembled a cave.

Mining Process[]


The operations center

Despite being called a mine, the installation could be likened to a farm or recycling facility. Nutrients were placed into the air for creatures called beldons to consume and process, after which the beldons would excrete tibanna gas as a waste product.[1]



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  1. This story is set before the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Heroes on Both Sides" (21–20 BBY), which marks the debut of revamped appearances for several main characters. Considering that the comics featured in Star Wars Comic UK are published in chronological order, and that "Burn the Behemoth!" is the first comic in the series to feature the new character models, it can be concluded that "In the Air" takes place sometime around 22 BBY.