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20 BBY


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Squad 40


Galactic Empire

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"Did they leave just the dumb Jedi behind? Or are they all that useless?"

Rede, born TK-70558, was a clone commando who served in the Galactic Empire. He was assigned to Squad 40 after the death of Bry. Rede performed two missions with this squad. His first mission was to locate a possible Jedi and capture him, dead or alive, while the second was to kill a Jedi Knight known as Borik Yelgo.[1] Rede did nothing on the first mission, as Ennen rushed in and killed him without asking any questions.[1] While the second mission, Ennen was dead and Rede stole the spotlight and executed Yelgo with extreme prejudice.[1]


Rede was born in 20 BBY, cloned from the second-generation material of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, on the moon of Centax-2, which resided in the Coruscant sector. Rede was one of the first clone troopers created through Spaarti cloning cylinders on the moon, being told that the moon was Kamino, as the second-generation troopers were supposed to blend seamlessly with the standard clone troopers.[1][2] Rede, unlike the Kaminoan cloned troopers, was grown and flash-trained within the span of a year.[1]

In 19 BBY, Rede was deployed and assigned to serve in Squad 40, following the death of Bry, a veteran commando who had served through the Clone Wars. Rede was one of the first Spaarti-cloned troopers to be assigned in the Imperial Commando Special Unit, working as an experiment. Rede received mixed acceptance in the squad, with none of the members being too optimistic about his placement.[1] Rede was very formal to start, but eventually relaxed a little bit. Rede deployed with the squad's second operation, deployed on the lower levels of Coruscant to track down a reported Jedi. During the operation, Rede and the squad stormed a dinner where the reported Jedi was hiding, with Ennen taking the killing shots. However, upon closer review, the squad determined that the reported Jedi was simply a thief who had stolen the lightsaber and gotten himself killed because of it.[1]

When the squad returned to the 501st Headquarters, Ennen went to the refreshers, while Rede, Niner, and Darman hung back discussing the operation and Ennen's mental state. However, Ennen committed suicide while in the refresher, due to losing his brother in Bry and killing a civilian. While Niner and Darman did damage control, Rede stepped back due to Niner's orders.[1] After a meeting with Imperial Commander Roly Melusar, Squad 40 decided to remain a three-man squad, being deployed to Coth Fuuris space station to track down another Jedi, known as Borik Yelgo. In the operation, the three commandos tracked him down and cornered him, offering him the chance to surrender. Yelgo declined and the squad engaged in a firefight soon thereafter. However, in the fight, Rede rushed the Jedi and knocked him off of his balance, which allowed Rede to shoot him twice in the head. Rede received a great deal of applause from Darman and Melusar after the operation.[1]

Personality and Traits[]

Rede, although cloned from second-generation clone trooper material, he still possessed the attributes of Jango Fett, including his black hair, brown eyes, and 1.83 meters.[3] Amazingly enough, Rede was cloned and flash-trained within the span of a year, which Niner believed that would not be enough time to learn all that the first generation clone troopers had learned.[1] Rede was dedicated to the ideals and objectives of the Galactic Empire.[1] Rede was noted as a quick-learner. In his first encounter with Niner, Rede initially referred to him as Sergeant, but shortly thereafter referred to him as "sarge", in an attempt to fit in with the squad. Rede was also noted as having a great deal of courage, specifically during the encounter with Yelgo.[1] He also attempted to regularly pick up Mando'a slang, paying attention to Niner and Darman, although Ennen attempted to dissuade him from trying.[1]

Armor and Equipment[]

Rede was equipped with the Imperial-regulated Katarn-class commando armor and was armed with a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System and a DC-15s side arm blaster, which he utilized both simultaneously during the Coth Fuuras operation.[1]


  • Imperial Commando: 501st


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