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Red Zero was an emergency code. Red Zero was the Republic Evacuation alert. When needed, Red Zero would alert all clones in the surrounding area.  


Red Zero was an emergency code, which stood for a request for immediate evacuation. The code would only be invoked when encountering a disaster of some kind which had to be extremely dangerous.


In 21 BBY, Omega Squad was deployed on a TIOPS mission, boarding a Separatist transport, approximately 367 days after the First Battle of Geonosis.[1] During the encounter, the squad managed to capture two Separatist terrorists. However, the unit's TIV was targeted by a legitimate frigate, believing it was a pirate ship. Due to frigate's engagement, a stray shot caused a hull breach, which forced Omega to signal Red Zero, which was received by Captain Ordo.[1]

Ordo relayed the message to the closest ships in the area, which included the Acclamator-class Assault Ships Fearless and Majestic, as well as a captured Neimoidian vessel, commandeered by Delta Squad. Delta managed to rescue the squad first, while Fearless arrived shortly thereafter, holding off a Separatist attack.[1]


  • Republic Commando: Triple Zero


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