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c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

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ARF Trooper


91st Reconnaissance Corps

  • Lightning Squadron


Clone Wars

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Razor, born CT-6910,[1] was the name of an Advanced Recon Force trooper who was in the 91st Reconnaissance Corps. He helped take over the capital of Ryloth, Lessu with his partner Stak and Mace Windu. His commanding officer was Commander Ponds.


After the space battle above Ryloth, ground forces were sent to the surface to help liberate the Twi'leks, and Razor was part of them. While on the ground, Razor and his partner Stak were assigned to go with High Jedi General Mace Windu to find Freedom Fighter Cham Syndulla. While searching, they stumbled upon a battle droid patrol, so they hid behind a destroyed MTT. Stak accidentally stepped on a rock, alerting the droids to their presence, but the Freedom Fighters destroyed them before Mace Windu and his troopers could come out of hiding. When they did, the Freedom Fighters were nowhere to be seen. Then the Fighters suddenly appeared and led them to their base.

Made Windu and his troopers were led into their base and Razor and Stak rested for a bit while Mace Windu, Cham Syndulla, and Orn Free Taa, the corrupt Twi'lek Senator, joined together and Syndulla joined the Republic. Their next plan of action was to sneak across the plasma bridge, the only way to the capital. Soon a plan was made: Mace Windu and his two troopers would sneak onto the last MTT that was entering the capital and Mace Windu would hold off the droids while Razor and Stak would activate the plasma bridge.

Razor (2)

Razor being choked

The plan was acted out and the troopers activated the bridge after a small encounter with commando droids. The plasma bridge opened, leading the way for the Republic and Twi'lek forces to invade the capital and retake it. The good forces stormed the capital and Wat Tambor, the leader behind it all, was captured before he could leave. Sadly, all the goods and jewels were taken away.

Later on in the war, he was stationed on Umbara during the Battle of Umbara against the Separatists.

Armor and Equipment[]

Because he was an Advanced Recon Force trooper (ARF trooper), Razor had different armor. His helmet contained an infrared camera in the dark. On his arms, he had a comlink and a life-form scanner. He had spare ammunition and medical syringes on his belt, and his armor was made of plastoid material and had surveillance equipment. He carried a DC-15S blaster rifle and had markings on his helmet.


  • In "Liberty on Ryloth", when he was seen throwing back a commando droid, the markings on his helmet were accidentally reversed.




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