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Radio communications clone troopers were a specialized unit of communications in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The unit were deployed alongside the 501st Legion, 212th Attack Battalion, and Jet's Unit during the Second Battle of Geonosis.[1] Hamm and Chatter were both deployed during the battle.[2]


Armor and Equipment[]

The radio communications troopers were equipped with Phase I clone trooper armor that was reminiscent of Special operations clone trooper armor with white or light gray primary colors and a blue secondary pattern. The equipment had retractable antennas on their helmet. The back of the helmet also possessed a gold and black insignia that resembled a radio tower. Radio communications troopers carried a radio box backpack used for communication. The backpack had a microphone, as well as a crank to power it.[3][4]


  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Landing at Point Rain" (Cut)
Cadet - Maintenance
General Positions
Advisor - Comms Tech - Comms Officer
Engineer - Gunner - Radio Comms trooper
ARF Trooper - Grenadier - Flame trooper
Heavy assault trooper - Heavy weapons specialist - Lancer trooper
Ordnance specialist - Scout trooper - Shock trooper
Sniper - Riot trooper - Stormtrooper
Task Force Commander


Flight crew - Marine - Navigation officer
First aid specialist - Medical officer - Medic
Special Operations
Advanced Recon Commando - ARC heavy gunner - ARC Pilot
Assassin - Blaze trooper - Cold assault trooper
Commando - Covert operations trooper - Cross-trained trooper
Jetpack trooper - Paratrooper - MEC trooper
Purge trooper - SCUBA trooper - Shadow trooper
Stealth Operations trooper


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