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Purge trooper and an inquisitor

Purge Trooper JFO
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Purge troopers were an expendable division of clone troopers that operated as the personal death squad and escort to Darth Vader and his Inquisitors.[1] Made up of the very last line of Jango Fett clones to be produced out of the Kamino cloning facilities,[2] these soldiers were strategically brought online following the activation of Order 66 and specifically utilized to work in cohesion with the Inquisitorious to hunt down and eliminate any survivors of the Emperor's Jedi purge.


Though they were the last fourteen clones to be conceived by the Kaminoans,[2] these Inquisitor troopers were highly effective in combat scenarios, being able to eliminate hostile targets and secure strategic positions with ease and little to no casualties.[3]

Individually, the clones seemed to act with a drone-like mindset, continuously marching together in small platoons and carrying out their master's orders with precision and complete obedience. This lack of individuality or personality in the Inquisitor troopers was ultimately reinforced by the clones sharing identical red tattoos on their foreheads,[2] and lack of any hair, making them even more identical to one another than they already were.

Armor and Equipment[]

Being the personal death squad of the Inquisitors and Darth Vader, these clones were well equipped with specialized black Imperial armor, which closely resembled the original Phase II clone armor in design with the exception of some slight modifications, that featured red or silver markings alongside a single black or red kama and a helmet that was identical to the ones used by clone paratroopers. As for weaponry, the Inquisitor troopers were given DC-15A blaster rifles that were used by their clone brothers during the Clone Wars.

During their service to the Galactic Empire, the Inquisitor troopers were known to utilize a Zeta-class shuttle, Infernum,[1] to transport their soldiers across the galaxy alongside their masters.


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