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Plan 99 was a plan of self-sacrifice used by Clone Force 99. The name of the plan was a reference to 99, a clone trooper who sacrificed himself to protect his fellow clones during the Battle of Kamino.


In 21 BBY, during the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched an assault on the planet of Kamino, the planet of the cloning facilities, and the home to many clone troopers. During the assault, a small group of clones, led by Commander Cody, Captain Rex, Echo, Fives, and 99 managed to take on a detachment of battle droids. In the process, the unit ran low on munitions, which led 99 to attempt to retrieve more explosives. However, while he began his dash for the armory, he was shot in the back several times, in an attempt to save his brothers.[1]

In 18 BBY, Clone Force 99 escaped the Imperial station on Eriadu, hoping the tracking beacon they planted would lead them back to their brother Crosshair, who had signaled them with Plan 88.[2][3] However, due to Saw Gerrerra's objective, the base was destroyed and power to the tram system the squad escaped on was deactivated. However, Tech believed he could restore power to the tram and made his way to the console, while Hunter, Wrecker, Omega, and Echo provided covering fire. Tech restored power, but the tram was severely damaged by Imperial V-wings. Tech managed to board the tram, however, it began to split in half. Tech attached a cable to the tram, securing himself while it began to fall apart. However, he realized that time was out and that the entire unit would die if the connection was not severed. Tech initiated Plan 99, sacrificing himself for the squad by firing and detaching the pin holding the two cars together. The rest of the squad began their retreat and made way to Ord Mantell to medical droid AZ-3.[4]


Star Wars Bad Batch Star Wars: The Bad Batch – "Plan 99"


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