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"I hearby order you to execute Order 6-"
―Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine to 1137
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Order 6 was one of the 150 contingency orders implanted inside the inhibitor chips of each clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic, which forced them to comply, so some clones were able to resist. The order dealt with throwing away a comlink as quickly as possible. It was somewhat obscure.[1]


"Yeah it's kinda obscure you're, uh, supposed to throw your communicator away as fast as possible."
1137 to 1139

Order 6 was the sixth contingency order out of 150 contingency plans.[2] Each one was programmed into the chip that was planted in all clone troopers brains.[3] Like all the contingency orders, when delivered to the clones, they were to be executed without hesitation.[4] Despite memorizing the orders, if the chip was removed, for cases such as Fives,[3] Rex,[5] Gregor[5] and Wolffe,[5] they would execute the order or not on their own personal accord.

If the order was given, the clones who received the order were to throw away their communicators as fast as possible. The order was enacted once during the war.[1]


Early on in the war,[6] several Republic forces were detached to locate R2-D2 who had very important intelligence. A squad of troopers, including 1137 was deployed to an unidentified planet where Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano met up with them. While searching for R2 on the planet, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine contacted 1137 stating that Tano could not interfere with the search for R2.

He then proceeded to give the Order 6 to 1137. However, his communication was cut off, as he was going to say Order 66. 1137 tossed his comlink as far as possible before the order was given. 1139 asked him about the Order, which he did not recall. 1137 stated that it was somewhat obscure, but you were supposed to toss your comms away as quickly as you can.[6]

In 19 BBY, Atin and Corr had a conversation with Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan about their contingency orders, indirectly mentioning Order 6.[7]


  • "A clone trooper always obeys orders"
  • Republic Commando: True Colors (indirectly mentioned)


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