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"In the event of the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) being declared unfit to issue orders, as defined in Section 6 (ii), the chief of defense staff shall assume GAR command and form a strategic cell of senior officers (see page 1173, para 4) until a successor is appointed or alternative authority identified."
―Order 5
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Order 5 was one of the 150 contingency orders that all clone troopers were programmed within their inhibitor chips, which were implanted in their brains at a young age. This particular order dealt with the possibility of Supreme Chancellor was declared unfit for duty, the Chief of Defense Staff would take command of the GAR.


Order 5 was the fifth contingency order out of 150 contingency plans.[1] Each one was programmed into the chip that was planted in all clone troopers brains.[2] Like all the contingency orders, when delivered to the clones, they were to be executed without hesitation.[3] Despite memorizing the orders, if the chip was removed, for cases such as Fives,[2] Rex,[4] Gregor[4] and Wolffe,[4] they would execute the order or not on their own personal accord.

Order 5 stated that if the Supreme Chancellor - an office held by Sheev Palpatine who was also the Supreme Commander of the Grand Army - was deemed unfit to command, then the Republic Chief of Defense Staff would take command of the GAR, until a a new Supreme Chancellor was elected.[5] The order is extremely similar to Order 4, which claims that command would fall to the Vice Chair of the Senate.[5] The order, however, was never given.[3]


In 19 BBY, 995 days after the First Battle of Geonosis, Atin and Corr Skirata held a discussion, which was also overheard by Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan, about their contingency orders, including Order 4, while at the Special Operations Brigade Headquarters on the galactic capital, Coruscant.[5] However, Order 4 was never initiated.[3]


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  • Republic Commando: True Colors


19 BBY
Special Operations Brigade Headquarters


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