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Omega Squad


Sergeant Kal Skirata
Sergeant Niner

Notable members:



Clone commandos


Katarn-class armor
DC-17m blasters


Special Operations Brigade


Clone Wars

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Omega Squad is a clone commando squad made up of surviving members of decimated squads following the beginning of the Clone Wars. The unit became a seminal part of the Special Operations Brigade during the Clone Wars, serving regularly under one of their commanders, Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan.


Omega Squad was formed five months following the First Battle of Geonosis, an attempt to restructure and reassign clone commandos whose squads were decimated during the battle into proper military units once again. Omega Squad was comprised of team leader Sergeant Niner of Lambda Squad, explosives expert and heavy weapons specialist Darman of Theta Squad, medical officer and sniper Fi of Teroch Squad, and technical specialist Atin of Prudii Squad. Niner, Darman, and Fi had all been trained by Cuy'val Dar Training Sergeant Kal Skirata, which lent them a sort of comradery, while Atin had been trained by Training Sergeant Walon Vau.[1] The squad was deployed on their first operation to the planet of Qiilura, tracking down Separatist Scientist Ovolot Qail Uthan, who was developing a virus that would target the clone troopers genetic code and kill them.[1] Upon their deployment to the planet, the ship was brought down by a bird strike, which forced the squad to airdrop from the frigate. However, in the process, Darman was separated from the squad.[1]

The unit were unable to utilize communications for fear of the Separatists monitoring the airwaves, which led to speculation among the three squad members about Darman's whereabouts and survival. Darman did survive, eventually meeting a Jedi Commander known as Etain Tur-Mukan, as well as Gurlanian spy Jinart.[1] Darman and Tur-Mukan began making their way toward the Separatist base, stopping at the RV Points regularly in hopes of rendezvousing with the rest of Omega Squad. Eventually, Darman and Tur-Mukan met up with the rest of the squad, bringing the unit back to full strength.[1] The unit devised a plan to divide and conquer, with Niner, Fi, and Tur-Mukan remaining outside the main facility to dispatch any targets that may emerge, while Darman, Atin, and Jinart dug their way through the Gdan warrens that would break into the Separatist facility. The squad carried out both parts of the operation with minor setbacks, until the Republic extraction came in the way of LAAT/is. While preparing for extraction, Atin was injured as was Uthan, while Niner and Fi were separated.[1] Atin and Uthan received care from a Republic medic, while Darman and Tur-Mukan rescued Fi and Niner from Separatist Major Ghez Hokan. Omega Squad were extracted from the planet, while Tur-Mukan remained with Jedi General Arligan Zey.[1]

A month after the operation on Qiilura, Omega Squad was recalled to Coruscant to aid ground forces with a hostage situation at the Galactic Spaceport. Omega Squad were able to work with their training sergeant, Kal Skirata, during the siege, as well as Null-class ARC Captain Ordo, one of Skirata's trainees and surrogate sons. The Galactic City spaceport had been evacuated, apart from the terrorists and six hostages, which included Mon Calamari Senator Meena Tills and her aide. By the time Omega Squad had arrived, the Coruscant Security Force had cordoned off the surrounding area, under the command of CSF Lieutenant Dovel, alongside Senate Guards under the command of Captain Jaller Obrim.[2] Ordo was accompanied by Jedi General Kaim and Senate Head of Public Affairs Mar Rugeyan. Kaim entered the spaceport in an attempt to talk-down the terrorists, Atin provided a cam to be placed somewhere inside so the external forces could get the layout. However, Kaim was killed and the terrorists used his body as a makeshift bomb. When the terrorists discarded Kaim's corpse, Fi jumped on top of the body, while everyone else backed off. The bomb went off, but Fi was relatively unharmed due to the yield of the Katarn-class commando armor. As a result, Captain Ordo used an electromagnetic pulse to disable the media holocams in the area in a move known as "droiding", effectively shutting down the terrorists' ability to see outside via the viewscreens within the terminal.[2]

While Darman, Niner, and Atin planted charges around the door, Skirata spoke to Fi, attempting to ascertain if anything was wrong following the explosion. During this time, Skirata overhead Rugeyan refer to the commandos as "grunts", which led to Skirata accosting him. Shortly thereafter, Omega deployed into the facility, lobbing a flash-bang into the spaceport and stun the terrorists, while Ordo came in through the ceiling.[2] The resulting assault took approximately twenty seconds by Fi's count, and during the chaotic firefight, Fi nearly shot and killed Skirata when Kal threw himself in front of one of the hostages who'd been forced to change clothes with one of the terrorists. Following the operation, Fi became a legend among the CSF as well as Jaller Obrim. Omega returned to Arca Company Barracks afterward, and would be redeployed on another mission at 0600 hours the following morning.[2]

Ten and a half months after Geonosis - about five months following the Qiilura operation - Omega was deployed to Fest, sent to destroy a Separatist research center. The squad had received the upgraded armor, now with matte black finish. However, Fest was a snow-laden planet. The pilot of Omega's ship certainly believe the situation was ironic, although the members of the squad were not as enthused.[3] Omega Squad were able to destroy the facility, which had been attempting to line Separatist droids with phrik, a metallic material that was far denser than their current material.[3] After Fest, Omega Squad were tasked with a Traffic Interdiction Operation (TIOPS) at the Corellian-Perlemian hyperspace intersection, with a vessel piloted by Sicko.[3] Although they were successful in capturing several suspected Separatist terrorists, they became stranded aboard a damaged vessel and had to be rescued by Delta Squad. They were then picked up by the assault ship Fearless, and met up with Etain Tur-Mukan again. It was during this mission that the TIV pilot, Sicko, that had transported Omega to their objective, was killed by a passing civilian vessel, Nova Crystal, who saw what the pilot described as "a pirate ship descending on its prey". Fi remembered Sicko for the years to come, saddened by his death and disgusted that he never was recognized for his heroic sacrifice.[3]

Following their recovery from the TIOPS, Kal Skirata had managed to sanction an off-the-books operation on Coruscant, due to the recent terrorist activity with the spaceport siege, which resulted in Omega Squad and Delta Squad being requested for their expertise, working alongside Ordo, Vau, Tur-Mukan, and Jedi General Bardan Jusik.[3] During the operation, it became clear that the competitive rivalry between Delta Squad and Omega Squad that Skirata broke the teams into separate groups, in order to build a camaraderie between the squads and lower any tensions. The two squads were divided into four separate watches, Red, Blue, White, and Green, all on a rotation for reconnaissance and investigation.[3] Once they established their base at Qibbu's Hut, the strike team followed the lead they had discovered from the bombing that Skirata, Jusik, Ordo and the CSF had investigated. Ordo was sent out to grab a large number of military grade explosives to attract Separatist attention, which attracted an "interested customer" by the name of Perrive. Skirata and Perrive set up a meeting in the spaceport, with Fi, Darman, Scorch, and Sev positioned in sniping positions. Scorch and Fi were equipped with Verpine rifles outfitted with concentrated tracking agent known as dust, while Darman and Scorch operated the Verpine rifles with lethal rounds.[3] Scorch and Fi managed to tag six separate marks as well as Perrive, without them taking notice and waited for the to depart. Niner confirmed back at Qibbu's Hut that he received the signals from the dust and had access to their whereabouts.[3] During the mission, Darman and Tur-Mukan became very close, even as far as romantic involvement, which went against Jedi regulations and would likely result in punishment from the Grand Army.[3] Tur-Mukan became so determined to give Darman a future, something the clones were not designed to have beyond war.[3]

While on a reconnaissance run, which the commandos typically referred to as a recce, Sev and Fi identified a threat within the GAR Logistics division by an employee named Vinna Jiss, who they kidnapped and brought to Vau for interrogation. After squeezing information out of Jiss, Vau hurled her off a balcony to her death in the sublevels of Coruscant. Ordo, armed with new information about "dead-letter" drops, headed to GAR headquarters disguised as the receptionist clone trooper Corr. Monitoring each movement, Ordo began to suspect Besany Wennen, an attractive female employee with an alluring smile. Much to his surprise, however, Wennen met with Vinna Jiss, whom Ordo had presumed dead.[3] In an attempt to uncover the truth, Ordo returned to GAR HQ in the evening with Etain, to find Vinna Jiss, with Wennen falling behind her. Ordo and Etain trailed and subdued them both, only to later find out that Wennen was an agent of the Republic Treasury Audit Division, and the specter of Vinna Jiss was actually Jinart. As the investigation continued, the strike team managed to determine a few other components in the GAR divisions who were working with terrorists. Ordo and Null-class ARC Lieutenant Mereel, who had returned from an black ops mission, would dispatch the sleeper agents, which moved up the timeline for Perrive.[3] Perrive called Skirata, ordering the rest of the explosives, which resulted in Skirata and a majority of the strike team, with the additions of Mereel and Corr, would intercept the delivery and execute the terrorist threat, while Vau and Tur-Mukan executed any stragglers.[3] Shortly after the operation, Delta was redeployed into the field, while Omega received an additional day of rest.[3]

Four hundred and sixty days following Geonosis, Null-class ARC Lieutenant Prudii recruited Atin to train him in a specialized sabotage method, taking him to the planet of Olanet. The two entered the facility, which was regarded as a high value target by military intelligence, and sliced the main computer. Prudii then modified the alloy mixture just enough to render droids produced at the factory worthless on the battlefield, but not enough to alert quality controllers that there was anything wrong.[4] However, Prudii came across information implying that the Separatists' war machine was not nearly as massive as the general public had been led to believe. As this data is discrepant with the known scope of the war, including Separatist forces in raids as small as the Battle of Coruscant, which numbered in the hundreds of millions alone, it may have been deliberately planted disinformation. Following the operation, Atin met with Kal Skirata, Ordo, Mereel, and Prudii for a moment before being sent back to Omega Squad.[4]

Ten days later, Omega Squad were deployed to Gaftikar, operating as trainers for the Marit rebels after Alpha-class ARC Lieutenant Sull was listed as MIA for two weeks.[5] Omega Squad rendezvoused with Null-class ARC Sergeant A'den, who took charge of the squad during their operation. A'den deployed Darman and Atin into the city to perform reconnaissance for the invasion force, wearing civilian clothes and one of them growing a beard.[5] The two commandos embarked into town, attempting to blend in with the locals with Atin noticed a fellow clone not wearing his armor. The two followed the clone and came back to his apartment, discovering that it was Sull, who had attempted to desert.[5] The commandos brought Sull back to camp, where the squad and A'den discussed what should be done with him. Niner believed he needed to be brought back to the GAR and court marshalled for treason, while A'den believed he should carry on as he was. After much deliberation, A'den called a transport for Sull, sending him off planet to Mandalore. While attempting to cover Sull's desertion, Darman returned to the city to clean up his apartment, when a pair of covert ops clone troopers arrived to execute the deserter. However, in the skirmish, Darman managed to kill both troopers, only discovering them as clones after doing so. Upon further investigation, the two covert ops troopers were named Moz and Olun who had been trained by Null-class ARC Lieutenant Jaing.[5] The event shook Darman immensely, being forced to kill two brothers and the fact that this was the treatment for deserters. Once reinforcements arrived from Qiilura, comprised of the 35th Infantry under the command of Commander Levet, Omega Squad were deployed into Eyat to target a communications station.

During the assault, Fi suffered a head injury due to an artillery round hitting the HoloNet station they were sabotaging and became virtually brain-dead.[5] Niner, Darman, and Atin managed to get Fi to the medbay aboard the Leveler, to seek medical treatment. Several days following, the republic refused to treat Fi, as he was considered brain-dead and the GAR had no system in place for clone soliders. However, the rest of Omega Squad were able to keep him from being euthanized until he was transferred to Republic Central MedCenter for further diagnostics. However, he was recognized solely as government property, not as a man. Besany Wennen went to visit him, and ended up holding him hostage, in order to prevent his termination. CSF Captain Jaller O'Brim defused the situation and took Besany and Fi back to his home, to begin recovering. Kal Skirata helped to rehabilitate him and bring him back to Mandalore to be nursed back to health by Bardan Jusik and Mandalorian Parja Bralor.[5] With Fi being discharged dead, Omega Squad were forced to add a replacement, although all the members saw this as a temporary thing until Fi was back in shape. In the meantime, Omega Squad was joined by Corr, who had been cross-trained as a commando by Null-class ARC Lieutenants Kom'rk and Mereel.[5]

In 20 BBY, Omega Squad was deployed to the planet of Haurgab, as the local Maujasi clans had begun rebelling against the Republic. However, the members of Omega Squad believed their talents were be better deployed elsewhere, as Haurgab was far from crucial in the theater of war.[6] Omega Squad were specifically tasked with tracking down and executing Jolluc, a Maujasi leader.[6] Once the squad located Jolluc, they discovered he was adorned in clone trooper armor, which infuriated Corr, who formerly served as a explosive ordinance disposal clone trooper before he was severely injured and lost his arms.[6] Corr executed the mark, with a number of Maujasi discovering their location and beginning their assault. Omega Squad stood against the rebels and killed numerous before Alpha-class ARC Captain Maze dispatched a detachment of LAAT/i's to rescue the squad. Once aboard the ship, Darman thanked the pilot and troopers present, speaking Mando'a in the process, which confused the trooper, who served in the 14th Infantry Brigade. Darman was shocked that the troopers had never heard Mando'a, as all troopers received training for the war chant Vode An.[6] Omega Squad would remain on the planet of Haurgab for several months of the war, even with reinforcements from Delta Squad arriving. While relaxing in the base's mess hall, the Maujasi mounted a missile attack, which resulted in the death of troopers. Tur-Mukan deployed alongside Omega and Delta Squads, with Scorch in particular on a rampage. Tracking the missiles' launch position, Omega Squad, alongside Scorch, entered the facility and eliminated the terrorist threat, capturing four and killing three.[6] Shortly after their deployment, Omega embarked to Nerrif. However, before this, Tur-Mukan revealed to Darman that the two had a child together, which once again shook Darman's resolve and trust.[6] Darman brought this to the squad who discussed it heavily before Skirata came to them and revealed that he had stopped Tur-Mukan from revealing that information to Darman, thinking it would get him killed.[6]

Following their deployment to Haurgab, Omega Squad was recalled to Coruscant after the Separatists invaded and capture Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, as were all units within the Inner Rim.[6] The squad managed to get through when Coruscant Air Traffic Control allowed for the planetary shield to temporarily come down to allow their entrance. However, as they entered, a Vulture droid followed close and shot their ship down. The squad crashed and quickly evacuated from the area, being picked up by CSF.[6] Omega Squad was dropped off and assigned to protect the HoloNet News and Entertainment Headquarters to keep the public broadcast on, serving alongside Yayax Squad and Alpha-class ARC Lieutenant Aven. After several days of fighting, the Separatists retreated, with numerous Republic casualties. However, during this time Omega Squad planned to desert from the Grand Army, alongside their Null brothers and the members of the Cuy'val Dar who served as advisors.[6] During the final day of the Battle of Coruscant, Mereel and several others deserted, while Skirata and Omega Squad remained with a majority of their clan.[6] One thousand and eighty-nine days after Geonosis, Omega Squad received Order 66, the contingency order to execute all Jedi. However, Tur-Mukan and Jusik had rescinded their Jedi status prior to this event, which was the reason for why the squad would not execute their comrades.[6] Omega Squad's standing orders had caused the squad to be divided into two groups working alongside CSF following the Battle of Coruscant, operating on patrol against looters. Atin and Corr had managed to get back to the group's ship, the Aay'han, while Darman and Niner waited for Tur-Mukan. However, in a brief skirmish, Tur-Mukan was killed and Niner was severely injured. The rest of the clan managed to desert, however, Darman, broken by the loss of his wife, distracted himself with Niner's recovery, desperately worried that they would attempt to let Niner die as they tried with Fi.[6]

Once the remains of the clan reached Kyrimorut, Mandalore, the group mourned the loss of Etain Tur-Mukan and the two men who they were forced to leave behind. Although CSF Captain Jaller Obrim, whom they had met during the spaceport siege, stated he would look after them, the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire and overhauled their system overnight.[6] Three weeks following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Darman and Niner were reassigned as serving in the Imperial Commando Special Unit, serving in Squad 40 with former Galaar Squad members Bry and Ennen.[7] Meanwhile, Fi, Corr, and Atin were attempting to establish the homestead of Kyrimorut as well as devising a plan to extract their brothers, alongside the Nulls.[7] By this point, Omega Squad was formally dissolved.[7] While Squad 40 were tasked with locating and executing the former Jedi Generals and allies, the deserters of Omega Squad were attempting to organize efforts to reduce their advanced aging with the assistance of Uthan and former Jedi General Kina Ha.[7] In addition to this, Atin and Fi were married by this point to Laseema and Parja respectively, while Corr developed a relationship with Jilka Van Zentis.[7] Meanwhile, Darman continued attempting to disassociate from losing his wife and his child being taken from him, while Niner attempted to look out for him, before both attempted an operation that would get them back to Mandalore.[7]

Armor and Equipment[]

The members of Omega Squad bore the standard Katarn-class commando armor as well as the DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System, commonly referred to as a Deece. Darman, being the weapons specialist, possessed many weapons, including a bowcaster and thermal detonator tape. During the incursion of Qiilura, Darman hauled an E-web turret, bore bangs, and V-1 thermal detonators. Atin fancied Trandoshan equipment, sporting two LJ-50 concussion rifles, while Fi carried a Geonosian force pike, which he took from the First Battle of Geonosis.


Omega Squad:
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